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Four of the best tablet accessories




If you’ve got someone in your circle of family or friends that is just about to invest in a gadget such as the new Lenovo tablet, then you’ve got a golden opportunity to get them a Christmas or birthday present that they might actually want! We’re going to take a look at some of the very best tablet accessories available on the market today.  Price points will vary from top of the line to low budget, so you’ve got no excuse not to get on the web and do some shopping!

 The Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker

Alright, we could have technically picked any of the multiple Bluetooth speakers available on the market, but why not go for the best? Bose have always had a reputation for creating outstanding audio products and the SoundLink Mini is an outstanding Bluetooth audio speaker designed specifically to playback audio from tablets and smartphones.  Needless to say, the sound quality is absolutely superb and the design looks great. At £200, it’s not cheap but you definitely get what you pay for.

 The Belkin Express Dock

An iPad exclusive here, unfortunately, so those without Apple’s market consuming tablet beast will have to look elsewhere.  However, for those that do bow down and worship at the Steve Jobs altar, the Belkin Express Dock is an excellent investment. At a shade under £60, it offers everything you’ll need to keep your iPad safe and secure whilst enjoying your favourite music and movies.  What’s more, it can be easily powered by connecting up to a laptop or PC using the attached 4-foot USB cable.

 The rooCASE FHD Dual-View Folio Case Cover for the Nexus 7

If there’s one thing rooCASE need to improve on, it’s coming up with product names that don’t take a week to say.  For those that own a Nexus 7, however, the FHD (we refuse to type the full title twice) is genuinely superb.  At £30, it’s a relatively expensive case but it’s worth it.  The synthetic leather looks great and features a detachable inner sleeve for when you want to go handheld. What’s more, the magnetic front includes an auto wake and sleep function, which is ideal when the device is propped up in landscape.  The case comes in a number of different colours and includes a clip for a ballpoint pen stylus.  Excellent stuff.


Whether you’re a fan of Google or consider them to be the real life version of VIKI from I-Robot, you can’t deny that they create some seriously cool stuff.  For movie and TV lovers, the Chromecast is a great present idea.  It’s easy to use: simply plug the USB dongle into an HDTV, connect to the same Wi-Fi as the tablet and you can instantly watch all of those mobile apps (such as Netflix, YouTube and others) on the big screen.  Chromecast works with both Android and iOS devices, and can be found for as little as £35 or so. For movie and TV buffs this is outstanding value for money.


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