Gate8 – the clever bag that fits it all

  Having just returned from Germany, I know just how hard it can be to pack, specially if you want to take an overnight bag. You need a suit, a couple of shirts, shoes, and of course, your laptop. Your usual bag is either too small to take on board, or too big so you … Read more

Review: EyeTV Mobile


When I first received the EyeTV I figured it would be the perfect thing to bring along on an upcoming camping trip. And I would’ve been right, had I remembered to download the EyeTV app before we left! D’oh! Since then, I’ve been figuring out another good use case for it – I don’t watch … Read more

Comparing gaming between smartphones and tablets

  Tablets and smartphones have become extremely popular for online gaming. It’s all about convenience and portability, being able to play games while you wait at the airport or in the dentist’s waiting room. Although you can download software to your phones and tablets, gaming apps seem to be the more popular choice and there … Read more

Google Chromecast and the Future of TV

Google snuck out it’s latest product in near total secrecy, with the Chromecast device becoming available right after its announcement, according to the Washington Post. This simple-looking device connects to your television and streams media that’s sent to it from your computer, tablet or smartphone. The unique aspect of Google Chromecast that sets its apart … Read more

Valve ‘living room’ announcements summary

This week Valve ran a series of timed announcements around the theme of expanding their game distribution platform into the living room. It’s a publicity stunt designed to generate hype; people were encouraged to let their imaginations run wild speculating on what Valve might do. As it happens Valve announced three things: an operating system, … Read more