Comparing gaming between smartphones and tablets


Tablets and smartphones have become extremely popular for online gaming. It’s all about convenience and portability, being able to play games while you wait at the airport or in the dentist’s waiting room.

Although you can download software to your phones and tablets, gaming apps seem to be the more popular choice and there is a wide variety available on the market. Playing games such as blackjack, poker or console style games is most convenient on a smart phone as basically everyone had one and so you don’t have to bring anything extra along with you.  Find the best online casino games in Australia at  and enjoy some of your favorite casino games.

Having a gaming device that fits into your hand is quick and convenient. The Apple devices have now got retina display which has such a high resolution that it looks completely realistic which is extremely impressive and enjoyable for the gamer. Gaming on tablets is appealing because of the larger screen size and ability to fit more controls onto your gaming space. Games like Real Racing 3 look great in landscape position and you have greater room for controls which may feel like they’re taking up your screen on a smartphone. Nowadays there are mini versions of the larger tablets so holding a tablet can feel like the right middle ground for your hand when making the choice between a smartphone or a larger tablet.

The main difference between smart phones and tablets is that smart phones are used primarily for getting things done. They serve as a device that you have with you all the time which you use for making calls, emailing, and content snacking, and tablets are more of a luxury product. Tablets are used more for when you are sitting for long periods of time whereas smart phones are used non stop even when you are walking. Quality wise for gaming, smart phones are competing with their bigger rivals, the tablets, but it’s just a matter of size convenience that wins out.

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