Vodafone bring the cameras to the party



I think we have finally got to that level in camera phones that we are starting to leave our point and shoots at home. In fact, sometimes, we are not even that bothered about carrying our DSLR with us. Vodafone are no strangers to the latest and greatest, and they have compiled a list of three phones, prepacked with 4G to give you all the pixel power you want!

Xperia Z1

Xperia Z is pretty much in the same league as Galaxy S4 and HTC ONE, and that is probably why it has never really made the headlines. However, Sony have come back with a bigger better brother, the Z1, and this time it is firing on all cylinders. The camera packs in 27mm wide angle lense with an f2.0 aperture. This can only mean one thing, great shots at night.

With no up front costs, and in black or white, it will cost you £47/mo on a 24 month 4G plan.  For more details, visit this page.

Lumia 1020


With the Lumia 1020, you are talking some serious lens and pixel magic. Not only is the camera great, the built in app lets you choose everything from focus to shutter speeds, ISO settings as well as exposure. The only thing fixed is the aperture. The 41 MP sensor means that you can get up to six times optical zoom, and the best part is that the end image is only about 5MP in size! This will also cost you £47/mo!

For more details, go here.

Galaxy S4 Zoom


But what if you want optical zoom? Samsung have the answer there. With 10 times optical zoom, this half phone half camera from Samsung is also available from Vodafone! For more details, go here.


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