Review: EyeTV Mobile

When I first received the EyeTV I figured it would be the perfect thing to bring along on an upcoming camping trip. And I would’ve been right, had I remembered to download the EyeTV app before we left! D’oh!

Since then, I’ve been figuring out another good use case for it – I don’t watch a ton of TV, and when I do, it’s generally on a comfy couch, in front of a large screen. What, and where, would I watch on an iPad mini?

Turns out there was one, perfect instance the other day: GBBO.


I really wanted to watch bake off in real-time, but I also had some tasks to get through in the kitchen that couldn’t wait. So I fired up the EyeTV and propped it on the counter while I peeled and chopped and simmered.

It worked a treat!

I was able to play around with the different antennas to get a good signal – no small feat in my brick box of a kitchen – and the picture & sound were surprisingly clear. The guide also loaded incredibly quickly (though I assume it was using WiFi to grab that data), so it was easy to see what was playing, and coming up, on the 30-odd channels I was able to pick up.

It also easily allowed me to pause the show when I had to run out of the room, and rewind when I missed a bit of dialogue as I clanged some pots and pans around.

The EyeTV antenna would be super idea for a student, or anyone in shared accommodation, who might not have space for a TV (or an aerial port) in their room. Doubly so if they’re in a place with weak WiFi, or a throttled internet connection, which would make watching online tv difficult.

Or, my original intent, for a bit of a treat (or to watch an important match) when out camping. After all, if you’ve already got a tent bigger than any flat I lived in during my 20’s, you’re already not roughing it. Might as well kick the comfort up another few notches!

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