Gate8 – the clever bag that fits it all



Having just returned from Germany, I know just how hard it can be to pack, specially if you want to take an overnight bag. You need a suit, a couple of shirts, shoes, and of course, your laptop. Your usual bag is either too small to take on board, or too big so you just have to check it in.

In comes Gate8. British designed, this offers a stylish and practical way to carry laptops, tablets, accessories, as well as clothing crease free in one innovative cabin size bag. It is designed for the typical 1-3 day business trip, comfortably holds suits, and also allows your laptop to be zipped in and out easily for security checks.

The brainchild of British engineering graduate and IT consultant, Alistair Callender, who partnered with the founder of Pacific Direct and serial entrepreneur, Lara Morgan, this prestigious product comes to the UK, Europe, and rest of the world.

In the short time that it has launched, it has already received glowing reviews and testimonials from business travellers, and could become the next must-have travel accessory for the business man and woman!

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