Gadget Show Live @ Christmas, coming to Earls Court London



Following their successful debut last year, GSL @ Christmas is making a comeback this year, at Earls Court London. The dates would be 1-3 November, and the tickets are available to be bought at

With lots of gadgets on display, new announcements, as well as lots of entertainment, GSL is one of the best shows in the country for tech enthusiasts. Featuring the Toy Zone, the Game Zone, as well as the Super Theatre, the show is designed to excite.

What is more exciting is the survey commissioned by Gadget Show Live @ Christmas, which looks at the top list of the most lusted after gadgets for next year:

  1. Google Glass                                                      24%
  2. 5.7” iPhone                                                         16%
  3. iWatch                                                                  15%
  4. iPhone Mini                                                        12%
  5. Retina iPad Mini                                               8%
  6. Microsoft Surface SmartWatch                  7%
  7. Nvidia Tablet                                                      7%
  8. Oculus Rift                                                          5%
  9. Paper Tab                                                            3%
  10. LG voice command phone                           3%

“Google Glass is a fascinating choice,” said Gadget Show presenter Jon Bentley. “It’s a genuinely exciting development and a refreshingly new gadget. It’ll be fascinating to discover just how alluring it is to be connected in this way and whether we learn to live with the potential intrusions into privacy such devices create, but however it works out it’s sure to be thrilling finding out.”

When asked to look beyond 2014 in the world of gadgets, Jon Bentley added: “In the future we’re going to be seeing technology change more aspects of our lives. We’re used to incremental boosts in computing power and connectivity and ever more competent portable devices. But we’ll soon be seeing more radical developments in how technology can transform our health and what we can do with our bodies – from replaceable body parts and brain implants, to the eradication of common diseases.

“Robots will start to become genuinely useful, transport will become ever more efficient, we’ll get better at harnessing and storing energy and there’ll be new ways of storing increasing amounts of data in ways that are immune to bit rot and storage calamities.”

We are happy to report that our team will be visiting the show and we’ll be live tweeting as well as writing about all the wonders that the show has to present.

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