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Review: KeyCase Keyboard Case for Nexus 7

By Sami Mughal

2012-11-03 15.41.41

Having recently got myself a Nexus 7, I have been looking at accessories that maximize the functionality of the device. I think all modern tablets and phones these days deserve a good case, and if the case can pack in extra functionality, it adds to the joy the case brings.

The KeyCase is one of these gadgets. Not only does it work as a case, but it also offers a Bluetooth Keyboard in the pack. As a result, this together with the tablet achieves the one thing tablets these days lack, a tactile keyboard. More pictures of the case as well as other information for it can be found by clicking the following link:


The case has a nice leather feel to it. It packs the Nexus 7 well and once it is in, it holds it there. There are appropriate holes and openings in the case for all of the Nexus 7 features, such as the camera, the microphones as well as the buttons and the micro-USB port.

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The case has a built in stand which means that the unit can be placed on a desk for work. The viewing angle makes it perfect for using the tablet when the keyboard is being used. Once finished with the tablet, the case neatly clasps shut to give the tablet complete protection.

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The keyboard is equally bound in leather, and has a good feel to it. It pairs with the tablet using Bluetooth technology, and the pairing process is straight forward. It is the same as most Bluetooth keyboard devices I have used. It also features a micro-usb port, which means it can be charged via the same charger as your tablet. It promises a long battery life, and it hasn’t run out on me yet in the one week I have used it.

The feel of the keys take a little getting used to. This is something that is characteristic of keyboards this size, and it should be remembered that this keyboard is not only small, but also very thin to go seamlessly in the case. The keyboard features all the keys, and also includes a few special keys such as HOME, BACK, EMAIL, etc. The keyboard is attached to the case by magnets. This means that the keyboard can be detached from the case, and carried on it’s own if you so wish.

The magnets serve a bigger purpose though.Whenever, you open the case, the Nexus can detect that the case has opened, and when you close it, it can detect that too. As a result, the screen automatically turns on or off when you open or close the case. This is a very clever touch, and probably could go a little under appreciated.

The KeyCase packs in a lot of feature for something that costs under £50 and has become a permanent travel buddy for me when I use the Nexus 7. I would give this a top rating for practicality as well as usage. It is light, which means it is still easy to carry and protects the tablet well. The keyboard works as expected, and while it takes a little getting used to, I was able to type very quickly and make good use of it as required. The fact it can be detached means that the keyboard can serve as a gadget on its own.

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I have to thank www.mobilefun.co.uk for sending this out to review for me. If you want phone accessories, mobile and tablet  phone speakers, mobile phone docks,  laptop/notebook accessories, iPod/iPhone/iPad accessories,  or other mobile accessories, MobileFun is a great site to visit. The KeyCase Keyboard Case for Nexus 7 can be found under Nexus 7 cases at www.mobilefun.co.uk.

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