vivo readying to roll out Android 11 updates in Europe


vivo recently introduced itself to the European markets and launched its first European product line-up. Now, it has announced that all four products in the European portfolio will soon receive an update to the latest version of the Google Android operating system.  Android 11 was introduced by Google in September 2020 with exciting new features … Read more

Huawei’s ‘petal Search – Find Apps’ Search Widget Is Your Gateway To A Million Apps


The Global leader in technology and smart devices, Huawei, has announced the availability of the “Petal Search- Find Apps” search widget. It comes pre-installed in the all-new and revolutionary HUAWEI P40 series. You can also download it via the AppGallery. It works as a gateway to access a million apps and a way to search … Read more

Know before you go – new app lets you check the stock of your local store


Ubamarket has launched a shopping app that enables customers to check the stock of their local store. This helps them reduce unnecessary trips to the local stores and the time spent in-store is also brought down amid the Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19).  Even though the trend of stockpiling essentials and panic buying is no longer blighting … Read more

SoundID Brings the First Truly Personalized Sound to Your Headphones


SoundID Listen has been announced by Sonarworks. It is a desktop app that brings personalized sound to anyone listening to their headphones on Mac or Windows through their personal perfect sound profile called SoundID. SoundID has brought an innovative change to the audio quality as it moves away from the traditional one size fits all … Read more

Cleanfox Drives Sustainability and Fights Digital Pollution with WeForest Partnership


Cleanfox is a free application that smartly, securely and quickly cleans out all the irrelevant and unnecessary emails from your inbox. It firmly plants its commitment to fight Digital Pollution. Eco-warriors now have the chance to do more for the land, environment and the people who live on it through the WeForest forest restoration projects … Read more

London Startup Prepares for ‘David vs. Goliath’ Fight with Uber to Dominate UK’s Gig Economy

Hela Job

Hela Job is the first app developed in the UK to connect gig workers with local, temporary jobs. Hela Job founders realized themselves in a rave with Uber’s recent venture of a similar app in the US. Hela Job developers are now working hard to win the hearts and minds of people seeking jobs and … Read more

Real-time Multilingual Language Transcription app by Zoi Meet is now available on Vuzix

Zoi Meet

Vuzix, the leading supplier of smart glasses and Augmented reality (AR) technology products has announced the availability of its all-new app Zoi Meet. Zoi Meet is a real-time transcription app that can be used on Vuzix Blade Smart Glasses. The app enables users to immediately transcribe anything that has been said in one of the … Read more

Apple Music vs Spotify: International Streaming

Being an iPhone user for the past 5+ years, I was excited to use Apple Music. Although it had been around for some time, I had always preferred Spotify for music streaming.  Most people are aware that one of the biggest setbacks of using Apple is not being able to download music directly off YouTube … Read more

Open Source At a Glance: Better than Propriety Apps?

A couple of years ago, I remember my friend telling me about how she merged google maps with Pokemon Go to win the game in a fraction of the time it would usually take. I was dumbfounded, not knowing that open source code can allow such actions to take place. The conversation about open source … Read more