Know before you go – new app lets you check the stock of your local store


Ubamarket has launched a shopping app that enables customers to check the stock of their local store. This helps them reduce unnecessary trips to the local stores and the time spent in-store is also brought down amid the Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19). 

Even though the trend of stockpiling essentials and panic buying is no longer blighting shops across Britain, many reports have shown that shoppers are till finding the stocks empty when they head to their local store for shopping. This also includes the basic products which are required for the survival of an average person. Anti-bac handwash and cleaning material, yeast, eggs, and flour have been named among the products in short supply, with 43% of people reporting that they are still unable to access every-day essentials in their shop as recently as last week as the country moves near two months of time spent in lockdown, according to Which?.

The advent of the Ubarmarket’s Scan, Pay, Go! app allows the shoppers to check the stock of their local stores sitting at home. This allows them to see whether the products they want are available at the store or not. All of this in just one tap and you can save yourself an unnecessary trip to the market amid social distancing concerns. The app is updated in real-time as it can be synced with all of the store’s existing systems. Once shoppers have built their shopping lists ahead of their journey, the app dramatically reduces the amount of time spent in-store by guiding customers around the store to scan their products using an aisle sat-nav, before allowing them to pay in-app and bypass the tills.

Ubamarket has already rolled out across SPAR, EUROSPAR, Budgens and Londis stores across the UK and Ireland, with more retailers set to launch in the coming weeks.

Will Broome, Founder of Ubamarket, provides the following commentary on the app’s features:

“The outbreak of COVID-19 has highlighted a number of areas in which Britain’s grocers can make the shopping experience far more hygienic and convenient for customers, not only for the current circumstances but moving forward. 

The widespread effects of stockpiling have thankfully dissipated, but the latest research still suggests that almost half of the UK’s shoppers are heading to their local stores, only to find that a number of their every-day essentials are out of stock. Unfortunately, it’s very difficult for supermarkets to communicate directly with their customers, to inform them of what the conditions are like in-store.

With the Scan, Pay, Go! app, customers can avoid any unnecessary trips to the shop and cut down the time they spend in-store by checking stock in advance and building their shopping lists, so they can be guided around the store in the most efficient way possible. 

We are also working towards helping stores across the UK introduce truly contactless shopping – with the app, shoppers can scan their products as they move around the store, before paying in-app and doing away with the need for time-consuming queues and unhygienic checkouts.”

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