New TCL soundbars available in the UK!

TCL Electronics is here with yet another exciting news. To back up its already popular TVs, TCL has expanded its soundbar range by introducing three new incredible pieces of tech including the TS8111, TS6100 and TS6110 series. You can get your hands on either of these in the UK now. These are TCL’s next move in its pursuit of a better soundbar audio experience, wider soundstage, and the absence of compromise between clarity and acoustic accuracy. 

TS8111 series: Immersive Dolby Atmos in a Single Bar


The first in line is the TCL TS8111 series soundbar that offers more in less space. With this one, consumers now have the liberty to have a full fledged home cinematic sound experience in their living rooms without taking a lot of space. This 2.1 Dolby Atmos soundbar with dual built-in subwoofers, delivers an amazing Dolby Atmos experience in a single soundbar.

The TS8111 will be available from January 2021, and is currently available to pre-order at Amazon. Prices start from £199.

TS6100 series: Better TV Sound Made Easy 


Then comes the TS6100 series which is a 2.0 Channel Home Theatre Soundbar with HDMI. This one lets consumers get a much better sound experience from their TV with great ease of use. It also brings an incredible connectivity solution with the helo of HDMI-ARC and HDMI-CEC. As a result, you can connect your TV and soundbar to just one cable. The soundbar will automatically turn on as your turn on the TV. Moreover the volume can also be controlled with the TV remote, making it simple and easy to use. 

The TS6100 is now available from and Prices start from £69.

TS6110 series: Cinematic TV Sound Made Easy 


With TCL’s TS6110 series soundbar, a 2.1 channel home theatre soundbar with HDMI and wireless subwoofer, consumers can turn their TV into a home cinema with great ease. Because this soundbar features an HDMI-ARC input with HDMI-CEC support, they need just one cable to connect to their TV and the soundbar will automatically turn on when their TV is turned on, allowing users to simply control the volume with the TV remote and automatically turn off when the TV is turned off. It is that simple.

The TS6110 is currently available from and Prices start from £129.

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