FYNE AUDIO builds on the success of the UK Special Production concept

The F501SP is Fyne Audio’s second Special Production designated loudspeaker, following hot on the speaker terminals of the F502SP launched earlier this year. SP models distil some of the best components and engineering from across Fyne Audio ranges into a unique loudspeaker, personally tuned by Technical Director, Dr Paul Mills and handcrafted in the UK at Fyne’s growing Glasgow factory. The concept allows audiophiles to benefit from Fyne’s high-end technology and the UK build quality, without the expense of the complex cabinet geometry found on higher-end models.


The F501SP brings much of the driver, crossover and bass tuning expertise from the F700 Series into the more compact and affordable F501 cabinet design. The result is a unique, special production loudspeaker, designed and manufactured in the UK. This elegant floorstander builds on the success of the original and award-winning F501, upgrading everything from the drivers to the finish options with only the core cabinet architecture remaining.

Premium IsoFlare point source driver & BassTrax plinth

At its heart is a 150mm (6”) IsoFlare driver using the technology and engineering developed for the premium F701 IsoFlare unit. This driver features a multi-fibre bass/mid cone terminated with FyneFlute roll surround and a 25mm magnesium dome compression tweeter with unique waveguide set at its centre. The result is a point source driver with true Isotropic radiation for exceptional musical coherence and stereo imaging.

To deliver floorstanding scale musical reproduction, the F501SP adds a 150mm (6”) auxiliary LF bass driver to seamlessly extend the lowest LF output of the IsoFlare unit. The result is an incredibly dynamic loudspeaker, capable of full-range musical reproduction and scale. Its 91dB/Watt efficiency ensures compatibility with the lowest power tube-based amplifiers. At the same time, its peak 180W handling will allow it to comfortably achieve real live music SPLs with potent solid-state electronics.

The standard F501 deploys Fyne’s twin-chamber bass porting system with down-firing BassTrax port in the lower chamber and a single layer MDF plinth. However, the F501SP uses a bespoke F700 Series style aluminium twin layer sandwich plinth and machined aluminium hardware, including spacer, spikes and knurled locking nuts. The result is an extended bass range and even smoother 360degree LF wavefront for easier in-room integration. The spikes are top adjustable, using Fyne’s signature alloy tool supplied, to ease the process of stabilising the cabinet in position.  

The Fyne Audio F501SP is available now in strictly limited numbers:

  • F501SP – Piano Gloss Black: £2,799.99
  • F501SP – Piano Gloss White: £2,799.99
  • F501SP – Piano Gloss Walnut Veneer: £3,219.99

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