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7 Must-Have Apps for Sports Fans

If you’re into sports, having instant access to the latest news, results and fixtures is essential. Whether you track your team’s metrics down to the smallest detail or you just want to stay on top of the results, the right apps can provide all the info you need.

Giving you unlimited connectivity at your fingertips, downloading the best sports apps will mean you can keep up to date on the go, as well as from home or work. To ensure you’re ready for the next season, tournament or championship, take a look at these 7 must-have apps for sports fans:

1. LiveScore

LiveScore has been bringing sports fans real-time results from the biggest matches for decades. Now you can keep an eye on what’s happening with their user-friendly app. For football fans, virtually every match in the world is featured on the LiveScore app, so you can keep track of your local team or see what’s happening in World Cup qualifiers, Champion’s League finals or Serie A derbies.

However, it doesn’t stop there. LiveScore also features up-to-the-minute results for hockey, basketball, tennis and cricket. With an extensive range of sports, a straightforward design and instant updates, LiveScore is a must-have app if you want to stay ahead of the game.

What’s more – you can now stream live football matches on the LiveScore app too. Users can enjoy matches from Serie A, the Copa Libertadores and Sudamericana, Primeira Liga, Chinese Super League, Coupe de France and Eredivisie, as well as qualifiers from the CONCACAF FIFA World Cup, Champion’s League and Europa League.

The app is available on both iOS and Android and it’s free to download and use. With free streaming of live matches, it’s a great sports hub to have at your fingertips.

2. Bleacher Report

The internet has made it easier than ever to enjoy sports from all over the world and, if you’re into U.S. sports, you’ll want to download the Bleacher Report app right now. It offers extensive coverage of NBA, MLB, NFL and NHL, so you can follow your favourite basketball, baseball, American football and hockey teams 24/7.

In addition to this, Bleacher Report keeps you up to date with rugby, football, golf, tennis, boxing, MMA and Formula 1, as well as WWE and All Elite Wrestling, so there’s no chance of missing out.

If you’re really only interested in one sport, Bleacher Report’s extensive coverage may seem like more than you need. However, it’s easy to customise the in-app settings, so that you only see content you’re interested in.

You won’t find live streaming on the Bleacher Report app, but it does offer videos from recent matches and games, as well as real-time alerts, sports news and live scores. Free to download and use; it’s the ideal app for users who want to access a wide range of sports in one, streamlined location. 

3. BBC Sport

Combining a classic design with outstanding content, the BBC Sport app is essential for every sports fan. The BBC offers unbeatable coverage on TV and radio, so it’s no surprise that their signature app is just as impressive.

You’ll find it on both the App Store and on Google Play and, as you’d expect, it’s free to download and use. As well as providing a great schedule of upcoming features, the app gives live text updates from renowned pundits and commentators, as well as live score available at a glance. In addition to football, Formula 1 and cricket, you’ll find all the latest news for Rugby League, Rugby Union, golf, tennis and athletics too.

Unlike many other sports apps, BBC Sport also offers a range of features and articles. Whether you want to relieve the best FA Cup Finals of The 21st Century or discover the Top 10 Facts about Wimbledon, the BBC has got everything you need. For sports events that are available on BBC television, you’ll also find live streams online and, on the app, so it’s easy to watch the biggest matches and games.

4. Stats Zone

If you’re a football fan, Stats Zone is an app that you’ll definitely want to have on your phone or tablet. Developed by Tiki Taka, the app uses data feeds from Opta to generate more than 1,500 stats for every match. Using the same data that professional clubs use, you can enhance your performance analysis and give the pundits a run for their money.

Stats Zone gives you the option to look beyond standard metrics, like shots on target and possession. Instead, you can focus on individual players, interceptions, passes, take-ons, shots, tackles, fouls and much more.

In addition to this, the Stats Zone app puts all the data into context, so you can assess performance against a match timeline to find out exactly how each player and team have operated. As well as letting you get more involved in matches and impressing your mates with your encyclopaedic knowledge of the game, Stats Zone is also a fantastic resource to have if you’re taking part in a fantasy football league. With the inside track of every club and player, any team you create will be hard to beat!

5. Sky Sports

The Sky Sports app is a hub of information for virtually any sport you can think of. From the Premier League to the Gaelic Athletic Association and the National Basketball Association to the Darts World Championship, you can follow your favourite teams, clubs and sportspeople when you download the Sky Sports app.

You’ll have access to the latest fixtures, results and scores, as well as being able to set your own custom notification preferences. Your customised news feed will bring you all the latest updates from sports you’re interested in and you can even watch Sky Sports via the app if you have a subscription at home.

Although the Sky Sports app gives you access to a wealth of content, there is another option if you just want to stay up to date on the latest football results. With the Sky Sports Scores app, you can view real-time scores from the Premier League, Scottish Premiership, EFL and many more, as well as breaking news and video highlights.

If you don’t have an existing subscription for Sky Sports channels, check out the Sky Sports Mobile TV app. With budget-friendly access to some of the biggest sports channels in the world, it’s a great accompaniment to the Sky Sports app.

6. Teamer

If you play sports, as well as spectating, then Teamer could be just the app you’re looking for. It offers a simple and secure way to communicate with your teammates, schedule fixtures and record results.

Team members can update their availability, so you’ll know exactly who can play when. Additionally, fixture information can be posted in full, so no-one will ever turn up at the wrong ground or training site again!

With all your club’s content in one place, Teamer makes it easy to manage or take part in local sports events. You can even share photos with teammates and exchange messages, so it’s the ideal app if you want to simplify your sports management and take your team to the next level.

7. StubHub

If your team’s made it through to a semi-final or you want to be in the front row next time Andy Murray wins Wimbledon, you’ll want to have the StubHub app ready to use on your phone or tablet. As the largest ticket marketplace in the world, it can be the easiest way to secure tickets to the biggest sports events across the UK and abroad.

With customisable price alerts, you can set your limit and receive notifications as soon as tickets become available in your price range. What’s more – 360-degree views from major venues make it easy to scope out the best zones and blocks to sit in. You can even share event information with friends and let them vote on which tickets to buy, which means booking group seating has never been so easy!

StubHub is a platform for fans to resell tickets they can no longer use or don’t need, so there’s plenty of scope to secure tickets at the last minute or in the weeks leading up to the event. With no need to queue for hours as soon as tickets are released, installing the StubHub app makes it easy and convenient to secure your place at the biggest sports events in the world.

Download the Best Sports Apps Now

With many sports leagues and tournaments getting back underway, now is the perfect time to update your phone and tablet with a whole host of new apps. From Premier League fixtures to the last ATP Championships in London, there is so much you won’t want to miss out on.

Giving you the flexibility to follow your favourite teams, access insider statistics and stay up to date with real-time results, every true sports fan needs a great selection of mobile apps at their fingertips.

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