On-board Deep Neural Network Let’s You Hear All Relevant Sounds

Oticon has revolutionized hearing aid with the introduction of its new Oticon More. It brings forth an entirely new way to support hearing loss and makes it the world’s first hearing aid to let you hear all you need thanks to a Deep Neural Network (DNN) which supports your brain to work in the most natural and effective way. Since it is the brain that performs the major tasks in the hearing process, it is vital that it is supported in the proper way. 


With the introduction of the Oticon More, Oticon has provided your brain with access to all of the relevant sounds it needs while ensuring sound remains comfortable. It has been specifically designed to make it easier for you to handle a full sound scene, even in the really complex listening environments, such as a crowded party or a busy restaurant. Less limited by your hearing loss, you can enjoy life much more.

Oticon More mimics how your brain works

Oticon More can be easily regarded as the next level in the evolution of advanced hearing aid technology. It signals a completely new understanding of how your brain works and the best possible way to help you hear. Introducing a new, intelligent Deep Neural Network (DNN) technology, which has been trained with 12 million sound scenes based on real-life sounds, Oticon More can recognize all the sounds of the world, their details, and how they should ideally sound. Oticon is the first hearing aid company to train an on-board DNN with sounds recorded outside of the lab, radically transforming the information your hearing aids help you to hear with. Oticon More continuously and automatically provides you with the optimal sound you need in any given situation, and it does all this while ensuring you are not overwhelmed by all the sounds around you.

The new Oticon More will be made available from mid-December. Local availability will vary. Please check your local Oticon website or with your hearing care professional.

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