Q Acoustics introduces its first active loudspeakers: Q Active 200 and Q Active 400

British audio specialist Q Acoustics has announced its first active loudspeakers: the Q Active 200 bookshelf speakers and Q Active 400 floor standing speakers.

The result of the company’s 14-year heritage and expertise in designing and engineering best-in-class loudspeakers, the Q Active range represents the ultimate combination of convenience, style, and audiophile-quality sound for exceptional value for money.

Q Acoustics has designed the Q Active range from the ground up, with the express intent of delivering an uncompromised, versatile high-resolution system that can play music from any source – TV, network music streamer, smartphone, laptop, and even a turntable.

First up, each model utilises an offset BMR driver array (2 x 5.8cm) that take care of high- and mid- frequencies which, at 150Hz, hands off to an 11.4cm ‘subwoofer’ driver, rear-mounted on the 200 and doubled-up for a downward-firing ‘twin-sub’ configuration on the 400.

Sending the music to the Q Actives is a bundled compact central Control Hub configured either for Google “Chromecast built-in” or Amazon “Works with Alexa”. The Hub can be connected to your home network using Ethernet or wi-fi.

Q Acoustics

Sources can be added wirelessly using Bluetooth, Apple AirPlay 2, Roon, and Spotify Connect. For wired sources, the Control Hub offers an HDMI ARC input, an optical digital input, an analogue line-level input, and a subwoofer output. You can also plug your turntable into the Hub thanks to its built-in moving magnet phono stage.

The Q Active 200 standmount feature 2.25-inch BMR drivers, with a rear-firing 4.5-inch long subwoofer that has a waveguide to help shape an “excellent low-frequency bass performance”. There are six discrete amplifiers that power the Q Active 200 to the tune of 280W of power. An optional accessory is the A FS75 floor stands (£349) that are said to be inspired by the Concept 300‘s Tensegrity stands, employing a four-legged structure to eliminated unwanted vibrations.

Q Acoustics

The Q Active 400 have the same BMR drive unit arrangement but come with 8 discrete amplifiers that the speaker’s power output at 440W. Another difference is that there are two rear-firing 4.5 subwoofers – one at the top and one at the bottom. This configuration is said to neutralise internal standing waves inside the cabinet, reducing unwanted resonance for a cleaner, tighter bass performance. Both speakers will come in white and black finishes.

The Q Acoustics Q Active 200 speakers with Google Cast is priced at £1,499 / $1,999 / €1,999 and will be available from November 2020 at Amazon, qacoustics.co.uk, and qacoustics.com (US).

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