Parallels Desktop 16 For Mac Launches: Bringing You Simplicity, Power and Amazing New Features


Parallels has introduced the Parallels Desktop 16 for Mac with a completely refreshed look keeping in line with the new macOS Big Sur vibe. The desktops now include better graphics and several other integrated features including another world’s first that provide customers with the best Windows-on-Mac experience ever. Apart from these, Parallels has added complimentary subscriptions for all it’s Parallels Desktop 16 subscribers. The subscriptions are for Parallels Toolbox for Mac and Windows and Parallels Access both of which make your lives simpler and easier. 

New Feature Highlights of Parallels Desktop 16 for Mac:

The Parallels Desktop 16 now includes DirectX 11 and OpenGL 3: Up to 20 percent faster DirectX 11 and improved OpenGL 3 graphics in Windows and Linux. Moreover, it has an Increased battery life that helps you stay productive on the go with up to 10 percent longer battery life when Windows runs in Travel Mode. You can also automatically reclaim disk space. Virtual machines (VMs) can be set to automatically return unused disk space when shutting down. There are also new multi-touch gestures for Windows apps. With enhanced printing, you can now print on both sides and use more paper sizes, from A0 to envelope.

Parallels Desktop 16 for Mac Pro Edition

This is the top-selling version by Parallels Desktop. The Pro edition, as the name suggests, has more power and features yet it maintains simplicity. As a result, anyone can enjoy productivity while having the most amazing features and performance at hand. 

New and key Pro Edition features include:

  • CPUs and RAM: Assign up to 32 vCPUs and 128 GB vRAM for each VM.
  • Microsoft Visual Studio plug-in: Visual Studio integration simplifies testing applications across operating systems.
  • Create and name custom networks (new): Name your custom networks for more organized and productive testing.
  • Nested Virtualization: Run and test Microsoft Hyper-V based virtual machines in your Parallels Desktop virtual machine.
  • Command Line: Rich command-line interface (prlctl and prlsrvctl) allows flexible work automatization.
  • Vagrant, Docker, and Jenkins Plugins: Complimentary Vagrant, Docker, and Jenkins plugins/providers for developers.
  • Linked Clones: Make a new VM from a snapshot of the exiting VM. The linked clone occupies only a fraction of disk space that is used by the parent VM, as it reuses disk sectors that are the same for both VMs.
  • Archive a VM right in Control Center: Pro users tend to have many virtual machines that occupy a lot of disk space. In-place archive right from Parallels Desktop Control Center, with the ability to manage the configuration of an archived VM, brings unique convenience.
  • Prepare for transfer (new): Export a VM in a compressed format as a solid file for easier and faster upload and transfer to new hardware.
  • 50+ features: More than 50 useful and time-saving features are included in the Pro-Edition.

Parallels Desktop 16 for Mac Business Edition 

New Parallels Desktop 16 Business Edition features, which are in addition to all Pro Edition features, include:

Corporate VM provisioning. Now you can easily configure VMs with preinstalled applications to upload and host for employees to securely download and run on their Mac devices. With upgrade control, the centralized administration provides flexible controls to manage access to new Parallels Desktop updates, new feature releases, upgrades, and new macOS releases.

The new passwordless update requires no administrator credentials for Parallels Desktop updates, making it easier for IT and users to keep it current even when users are not admins on their Mac devices. Installation on macOS Big Sur is also easy as it does NOT require the approval of system extension, so installation is fast, seamless, and does not require rebooting your Mac. 

Availability and Pricing 

Current Parallels Desktop for Mac customers (any edition) can get upgrade pricing for Parallels Desktop 16 online at New customers can download free trials and purchase at Pricing details follow below:

Recommended Retail Price (RRP)

Parallels Desktop 16 for Mac

  • Upgrade from any edition to a perpetual license – £39.99
  • New subscription – £69.99 per year
  • New perpetual license – £79.99

Parallels Desktop for Mac Pro Edition

  • Upgrade from any edition – £39.99 per year
  • New subscription – £79.99 per year

 Parallels Desktop for Mac Business Edition 

  • £79.99 per year

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