Roadie 3 Kickstarter launch assets

The award-winning Roadie 2 and Roadie Bass were launched three years ago. The overwhelming response from customers lead to massive sales of the products. As a result, in order to make the user experience better and up to date with the latest market standards, the all-new Roadie 3 has been launched. 

Tune faster than ever

The new Roadie 3 allows you to tune faster than ever. Thew new flagship automatic instrument tuner helps users find their sounds faster. The quicker rotation complements the enhanced accuracy which both lead to keep the tunings consistently dead-on. Proprietary audio and carefully tooled algorithms have been put in place to build the all-new Roadie 3. Its next-generation vibration detection delivers improved tuning accuracy and enhanced noise immunity.

If it has guitar pegs, Roadie 3 can tune it!

The incredible thing about Roadie 3 is that it has the potential to tune almost all instruments with geared pegs in just seconds. To name a few it the list includes electric guitars, acoustic guitars, classical guitars with nylon strings, pedal steel guitars, ukuleles, mandolins, banjos, etc. 

Roadie 3’s predecessors have been commonly used by musicians to tuner their lap steel guitars, bouzouki, mountain dulcimer, santoor, cigar box guitar, qanun with geared pegs, violins with planetary pegs, and many other exotic instruments. Some musicians have even gone one step ahead to create custom instruments such as the charango, the guitalele, the bandurria, and the baglama.  No matter the number of strings, just keep the lowest string above 27 hertz. This is the lowest note Roadie 3 will be able to detect.

Restring & tune effortlessly

The Roadie 3 has been completely revamped and sped up, taking changing strings to the next level. The motor speed of 120 RPM on Roadie 3 allows you to quickly wind up your new string to tension. The next thing to do is tune it up and it is all done in one smooth step. 

When placed on the tuning peg, Roadie 3 will listen to the vibrations of your guitar string, analyze its pitch, and automatically turn the peg to get your string into perfect tune. No matter your experience level, tuning is no fun and it takes time away from playing. Roadie 3 will help you save time, explore more music, and truly enjoy tuning your instrument.

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