Epson introduces its first A3 sheetfed document scanners


The range of A3 scanners for the office proposed by Epson expands with the arrival of two new models of the WorkForce line: these are  DS-30000 and DS-32000 that focus primarily on acquisition speed, support for documents of all kinds and optimization of consumption to accompany the digitalization process of companies.

Epson WorkForce DS-30000 and DS-32000

They are capable of transforming checkbooks, identity cards (passports via an optional tray) and images of any type into files up to 90 ppm or 180 ppm. Operation is based on the use of efficient motors and low-intervention CIS sensors with the implementation of functions for reducing friction, detecting dual power supply and the protections that prevent the supports from being damaged. Both will arrive on the market in April with prices not yet announced.

These are the words of Carla Conca, Visual Instruments Business Manager and Office Products of Epson Italy, which refers to digitization as an essential process for approaching a company’s Digital Transformation:

Our new range of A3 scanners comes at a time when the digitalization of documents is becoming increasingly critical to adapt to corporate procedures; for this reason, it has been designed to perfectly adapt to any document workflow.

DS-30000 can scan up to 30,000 pages in one day, while DS-32000 goes up to 40,000. For more information and the detailed technical specifications sheet, refer to the section of the Epson official site dedicated to scanners.

Kevin Dobson, product manager, Epson UK, commented: “A dedicated scanner is no longer just a business instrument for the legal, accountancy, or healthcare sectors, but is key for any business wanting to maintain productivity and operational efficiency as they take steps towards digital transformation. Our new range of A3 scanners arrives at a time when document digitization is becoming more and more critical to organizational compliance and has been designed to fit seamlessly into any document workflow. The DS-32000 features an adjustable chassis and can be altered to suit the job required – operating as a traditional sheetfed scanner in standard mode or can be laid flat when processing higher volumes. The scanner can even be folded away when not in use, saving critical space in smaller workspaces. The range also offers practical solutions such as a color touchscreen and guided support to help the user manage cleaning and maintenance – reducing downtime and service calls.”

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