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Ebb Therapeutics Does it Again at CES 2020 with Wearable Sleep Technology


Striving to make a mark in both the medical and consumer world, Ebb Therapeutics’ latest wearable sleep managing technology operates by combating the root of the problem; an overactive brain. 

The Research

Dr. Eric Nofzinger, Founder of Ebb Therapeutics and Chief Medical Officer spent 35 years of his life on the subject of sleep and brain functioning. Research has led to the belief that heightened metabolic activity experienced in the frontal cortex during periods of slumber results in hyperarousal which in turn leads to complains of an overactive mind. Dr. Nofzinger during his time as Director of the Sleep Neuroimaging Research Program at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine found a positive correlation between reduced brain functioning and a cooled forehead. This research is what led to the founding of Ebb Therapeutics. 

Dr. Nofzinger related, “Sleeplessness is an epidemic. More than ever, people are struggling with being able to ‘turn off’ their minds in order to get to sleep. Lack of sleep can have a dire effect on one’s ability to function mentally, emotionally and physically, so it is critical that we keep innovating in this space in order to offer safe, drug-free solutions that work.”

The Product and Technology

The only one of its kind, Ebb Therapeutics makes use of PrecisionCool technology to induce the frontal cortex with lowered metabolic functioning. Users wear a headband filled with cooling liquid that is further chilled using a scientific algorithm which allows a set temperature to persist throughout the night. As the band cools the forehead, functioning in the mind is reduced leading to a sleep that is sound and restorative. 

Near the close of 2016, Ebb Therapeutics signed a 38 million USD deal with KKR & Co. LP allows them to carry out the clinical trials and studies necessary to make their product a success. After years and years of testing, the product has been approved for commercial use. 

Ebb Therapeutics at CES

Eduard Roosli, CEO of Ebb Therapeutics said, “At CES, we are introducing technology that is truly first-of-its-kind. As consumers, finding a solution for any issue concerning health can be both emotional and overwhelming. We are proud to be able to provide a product that is backed by decades of science, has been clinically tested for efficacy, and is completely safe.”

The cooling headband isn’t all that Ebb Therapeutics has to offer at CES. They will also unveil a cooling device built for the modern busy individual of today. Complete with the battery-powered operation and easy portability, this newest offering is perfect for traveling individuals. Users can their hands on this in late 2020.


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