The Audi AI: TRAIL Quattro off-roader of tomorrow


September 10th, 2019, Audi has completed its quartet of visionary vehicles with the advent of the EV off-roader at the Frankfurt Motor Show. It will be displayed on the Audi stand in Hall 3 at the show alongside the Audi Aicon, AI: ME, AI: RACE as part of the comprehensive concept for sustainable mobility off … Read more

HarvestFresh by Beko


The HarvestFresh by Beko is a machine that mimics sunlight in order to preserve vitamins for longer and keep fruits and vegetables as fresh as the day they were picked. It has been equipped with innovative illumination technology to keep the vitamins as fresh as they were since day one. Beko is the leading European … Read more

Laziness and Productivity: The Science Behind Them

Earlier this week, I read an article claiming that self-control is exhaustible. In an experiment with two sets of students, one set was offered cookies and the other set was given radishes to eat. After that, they were given a puzzle to solve. The group which had been given radishes was recorded to have given … Read more

Apple Music vs Spotify: International Streaming

Being an iPhone user for the past 5+ years, I was excited to use Apple Music. Although it had been around for some time, I had always preferred Spotify for music streaming.  Most people are aware that one of the biggest setbacks of using Apple is not being able to download music directly off YouTube … Read more