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Solie Lite

Wifi on the go in a smaller hotspot: Solis Lite launched by Skyroam

Solie Lite

The global giant in the WiFi world, Skyroam, announced the Solis Lite providing a smaller and more portable solution for Wifi on the go. Skyroam has helped travelers stay connected to the global world with their devices for a long time. Solis Lite 4G LTE global WiFi hotspot provides better everything in a smaller form factor than ever before. It is easier to fit in the pocket giving travelers and adventurers affordable and portable access to Skyroam’s mobile data network across 130+ countries. 

Everyone who has ever been on the go whether, on a business trip or family vacation, they have suffered through the issue of finding good and secure WiFi around the globe. Skyroam took upon this challenge of providing consumers with the best possible solution in the smalled possible form factor. The Skyroam Solis Lite is the simple way to solve WiFi worries, as it delivers a fast, 4G LTE connection, shareable on up to 10 devices at once, all for one low flat rate worldwide. This small but powerful hotspot comes with Skyroam’s patented VirtualSIM technology, so users always get the best local connection near home or while traveling abroad.

The Skyroam Solis Lite is a lightweight Hotspot that lets you:

  • Connect instantly: Boots up in minutes for a quick connection in over 130 countries. Fast, 4G LTE speeds and 25 frequency bands offer a more reliable and secure connection
  • Use all your devices: The Solis Lite is shareable on up to 10 different devices and works with all Skyroam WiFi plans, making it more affordable than most domestic plans that only cover one phone
  • Designed to go places: No boring black box here, the Solis Lite was engineered in Germany for the best design and quality, it’s 30% smaller and lighter than the original Solis, and is truly “pocket-sized” at just 5.5 oz
  • Stay on the grid all day: The Solis Lite has 4700 mAh battery to enjoy 18+ hours of battery life

Moreover, the Solis Lite 4G pairs with the Solis WiFi app that enables to access and manage the hotspot with ease. Together, the Solis Lite and the Solis WiFi app provides users with a special and unique solution to their WiFi problems and allows them to interact with the world and participate in activities from anywhere anytime.

“The Solis Lite is a streamlined alternative to the Solis X aimed at those who simply want the best WiFi on-the-go”, says Skyroam Founder and CEO, Jing Liu. “We want to give as many people as possible access to the Skyroam network for reliable, secure WiFi connectivity, so we set out to create the Solis Lite as a high quality yet affordable solution.

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