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eero WiFi system

Amazon introduced the simple yet reliable Home WiFi to the UK

eero WiFi system

Amazon has announced the availability of eero devices for UK customers. This is the first time it is happening that eero’s award-winning mesh WiFi systems are being introduced to the UK market. The devices have the ability to perform better than your existing routers as they extend WiFi coverage seamlessly throughout the home, decreasing the WiFi dead zones. The eero WIFI systems are customizable and users can set them up in a matter of minutes to achieve reliable connectivity throughout the vicinity of their homes. Moreover, the WiFi system is incredibly economical and provides amazing results for hefty tasks such as streaming, gaming, and work-related stuff. 

The WiFi systems announced are the all-new eero and eero Pro. the eero Pro has had a consistent 4.6/5 rating in the United States and it now hits the UK market as well. Eero is also keen on providing its customers a safe and secure system that keeps the network, devices and home safe through frequent automatic updates. 

“Our mission at eero is to make the technology in homes just work. We share that commitment with Amazon and are thrilled to be an official part of the Amazon family,” said Nick Weaver, Co-Founder, and CEO of eero. “With the all-new eero and expansion to Europe, we are advancing that mission so even more customers can experience the magic of simple, reliable WiFi at home.”

Insights into the Intelligent WiFi!

Eero has a TrueMesh software that allows users to add as many eero devices as they need throughout the home. The devices have been designed to maintain the connections among them and figure out the most suitable route for traffic to avoid any weak connection. Consequently, users get a seamless and better WiFi experience. The monthly automatic updates continue to make the user experience better and better.  

Customizable System!

Even though, one eero device pretty much does the job. But every home has its own dynamics and so eero allows users to put in a device anywhere that is required. All the devices seamlessly work together. Moreover, their sleek design and compactness add to the look of your decor. Eero provides its customers with two choices:

  • eero—our most affordable option yet, the all-new eero offers simple, reliable WiFi for streaming, gaming, and working from home.
  • eero Pro—eero Pro is the most powerful option with tri-band radios, letting you do more in every room of your home—and the back garden, too.

Safety and Security is the priority

For a safer system, eero is constantly sending out updates. In case of any inconvenience, eero can automatically update all online systems. Moreover, eero is in collaboration with top-notch security firms to provide users with the safest and most secure WiFi systems. Key features of eero network security include:

  • Data Encryption—offers encryption for connections between eero devices, the cloud, and the app.
  • WPA-2 Encryption—required for client devices to connect to the eero network.
  • Profile Protection—log into the app through a secure single-use code that is delivered via text.

“We are thrilled to work with the eero team to bring their simple, reliable WiFi to more customers in more countries,” said Eric Saarnio, Head of Amazon Devices EU. “Customers in the US have loved eero’s products and services for years and we look forward to expanding to Europe and beyond.”

Pricing and Availability

eero devices will be available in the United Kingdom in early November.

  • eero—£99 for a single unit or £249 for a three-pack
  • eero Pro—£179 for a single unit or £429 for a three-pack

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