RIG 700

Taking Ultra-lightweight to a whole new level with the RIG 700 wireless gaming headset

On August 20th, 2019, Plantronics launched their all-day comfort RIG 700 gaming headphones at Gamescom. The headphones offer the lightest gaming on head experience with hours of stress and fatigue-free gaming. The headsets are an addition to Plantronics award-winning RIG gaming line.

What’s different?

RIG 700 is one of the most durable, precise and ultra-lightweight as claimed by the company. Ultra-lightweight has been highlighted the most as well as a massive 12 hours of battery life for intense and long gaming sessions. The headphones are compatible with top-notch consoles such as the Xbox One (HX), PlayStation (HS) and Windows PC (HD). 

RIG 700

“Lightweight comfort and wireless design are two must-haves we consistently hear gamers are looking for in their favorite gaming headset,” said Corey Rosemond, Global Director, Marketing and Business Development at Poly. 

Design and colours

The company is offering the RIG 700 in a range of new colours and patterns. What’s interesting is that it is equipped with a game/chat balance dial on the earcup. This allows you to easily keep a balance between the audio levels of the game and chat suiting your needs. The company took a competitive edge by featuring the Windows Sonic surround-sound to boost game audio. 

“Not only does RIG 700 Series answer that calls, but it also brings competitive gamers the audio precision they crave, and endurance build that they need to rack-up their wins and get totally immersed in the gameplay.”

Performance Boosting features

Game/Chat Balance Dial: gives you the ease of balancing between the audio of the game and the chat. It is never going to be too quiet or too loud for you.

Adjustable Mic Monitoring: now you can monitor the mic to hear what all your team members are hearing. 

Up to 30 feet of Wireless Range: A massive 30 feet wireless range so that even when you have stepped away from the game you can stay connected with solid sound quality as it was when you were close.

 40 mm Drivers with Bass Tubes: clear-cut audio with just the right amount of bass gamers require to make the experience pleasing. 

Removable Noise-canceling Mic: Let team members hear your game calls clearly and easily detach for solo sessions 

Pricing and Availability 

All variants of RIG 700 Series are available at Walmart in the US and at Argos in the UK. 

The pricing is:

  1. The RIG 700HX at $129.99
  2. The RIG 700 HD at $129.99
  3. The RIG 700HS at  $129.99

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