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viofo a129 duo

VIOFO A129 Duo Dual-channel Wi-Fi dash cam unveiled

 The A129 Duo here reflects the front as well as the rear camera to capture footage at both ends. Moreover, this stellar device offers GPS Logger, parking mode and Dual-band WiFi. 

viofo a129 duo

Camera in depth

It has an F1.6 Aperture and combined with the 7 elements glass lenses, all footage produced by the duo camera is of the maximum quality at full 1080P HD at 30fps. The stunning wide-angle 140-degree lens allows easy view of both angles of the street. The dual Sony Starvis IMX291 Sensors allow better night capture capabilities which allow number plates to be visible clearly at night. 

The front camera

It easily fits into the windscreen without obstructing the view of the driver or passengers. Additionally, it is equipped with a 2-inch widescreen which allows users to alter camera settings or play audio or video according to their likes without having to use the app.  


The GPS in the A129 Duo allows users to be aware of their whereabouts. Moreover, it keeps track of the locations as well as the speed at which the driver was or is traveling with a timestamp as well as the location for any given time. The GPS module also has an up to date, with GPS satellites, clock. 

The built-in G sensor

Both cameras come with a built-in G sensor that knows when a vehicle has been in an accident and the system automatically protects the footage from being overwritten. Moreover, the advanced parking mode the G sensor keeps a look for any form of collisions. This is when the vehicle is parked and you are not around. The camera will capture any footage of collision or attempt of vandalism on it. What’s amazing is that it will record 15 seconds prior and 30 seconds post the incident to produce better and clear footage. 

The A129 duo can be updated to 256GB of storage with an external SD card for storing videos. Moreover, the intelligent camera has the potential to overwrite the oldest videos to make space for new and recent footage when the storage is full. 

The Dual-Band WiFi Camera

The Dual-Band WiFi camera has the ability to transmit either 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz. With the 5Ghz capability, wireless interferences can be minimized and a stable and fast WiFi connection is ensured. The built-in dual-band WiFi allows footage to be viewed, downloaded and shared on the VIOFO app. 


The A129 Duo is also compatible with an external Bluetooth remote control that isn’t included in the box. 


VIOFO is an action camera and dash-camera company that takes inspired design, relentless innovation, and uninhibited performance and turns them into passionate, moving experiences. To make innovative products that help people to discover and create a more active lifestyle, Live Long and Prosper.

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