TrackR Pixel Uses Technology To Keep Track of Anything

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Personal item management leaders TrackR have announced today that their newest device to hit the market. It is a Bluetooth long range item tracker which will help users to find and keep track of their possessions, using an app and a global network. It’s called TrackR Pixel and is smaller, lighter, louder and more versatile … Read more

5 ways to protect your computer from suspicious activity

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Have you received a pop-up message saying “Windows has detected some suspicious activity from your IP address” or a Safari alert saying that your browser might have been hijacked? Is it asking you to contact a certain number to fix the issue? This “major security issue” is just a fake alert and you should not … Read more

5 Common Myths about Virtual Reality

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Here’s the thing about virtual reality: it’s tough to believe the hype unless you’ve tried it for yourself. It’s impossible for a YouTube video to convey the visual experience that VR provides, while experiences with poor, ultra-cheap headsets have devalued the medium in many tech fans’ eyes. That’s a huge shame, as the potential of … Read more

Bing Searches To Earn Points and Rewards From Today

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From today Microsoft are rolling out their loyalty scheme in the UK. This will reward users for Bing searches and purchases made from the Microsoft Store and the Windows Store. France, Germany and Canada are due to launch Rewards later this year. Users can also earn bonus points for participating in daily quizzes, completing challenges, … Read more