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The Modern Job Hunt- How Technology is Changing the Way We Find Work

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There is no doubt that thanks to technology it is becoming a lot easier for job seekers to find more avenues for new careers or job advancement opportunities than ever before. Nowadays the level of interconnectivity and easy Internet access, along with the incremental growth in new multimedia smart devices, and apps with AI personal assistants that can cater to your tastes and customise recommendations, allow almost everyone to work remotely. CEOs, managers and employees can often conduct their tasks remotely, through having ‘mobile office’, thus saving on rental costs for office space and also on power bills. So many things can now be done online.

This is all also true for those of us looking for work. For example- many people are turning to virtual courses that may enhance their CV and skills. Search engines, job aggregators and all the professional organisations including social media are boosting the job search demographics and worldwide opportunities for job seekers. Twitter, for example, has a function that allows users to send 140-character résumés, and as we know Twitter along with Facebook are two of the top social media avenues for the exchange and interchange of communication around the globe! Indeed, many companies now ask for a video CV in which the potential employees have to sell themselves in a short YouTube video.

And so Twitter is one of those social media sites that all CEOs and business owners love to use to save time and bureaucracy, and through which they also prefer to communicate with potential job seekers. Another way that technological advancements have transformed the entire recruiting process is the way in which people are looking for work. No longer are people searching through the job pages of their local newspaper- now thanks to job search applications like the Jobrapido app job applicants can find local vacancies literally in the palm of their hand. This is the obvious advantage that favours job candidates (and employers/HR Departments who are increasingly using apps to reply to candidates), because you can look for a job via your smart phone while sitting on a bus or at your favourite coffee shop, in bed enjoying a relaxing breakfast, enjoying a picnic at the park, laying on the beach, or from anywhere around the world. Video conferences and job interviews conducted face to face via webcam and through Skype for example, or any other IT/Cloud technology apps like FaceTime are innovative methods of communication that both employers and job applicants have picked up on, and this saves time for both you and your potential employer- both of these technological advancements mean even applicants from other countries can apply, interview and receive a job offer all before they land in their intended destination.

Furthermore, technology encourages a better approach to communication and forces the modern workforce to engage via smart technology which is bound to be a prerequisite as we move towards a fully interconnected and linked world where A.I. and smart cars,
smart homes, multimedia devices and Virtual Reality will merge to transform the world into a faster, more effective and progressive place to live in.

Time is money- is a phrase we must have heard a million times before, and in business, this is especially true- technology is saving companies incredible amounts of time not only in the daily work but in order to find new employees. Thanks to these technologies that are forcing applicants to think outside the box in order to get noticed, this factor will also increase their skills and advance their knowledge of how business and any kind of human activity is conducted in organizations that employ these technologies, and to get acquainted as well as keep up to date as a collective with the latest upgrades.

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