Bing Searches To Earn Points and Rewards From Today

From today Microsoft are rolling out their loyalty scheme in the UK. This will reward users for Bing searches and purchases made from the Microsoft Store and the Windows Store. France, Germany and Canada are due to launch Rewards later this year.

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Users can also earn bonus points for participating in daily quizzes, completing challenges, taking tours on the Microsoft Rewards earn dashboard and entering sweepstakes. Anyone with a Microsoft account can sign up on the Rewards hub. Those who don’t have a Microsoft account through Outlook, Hotmail, Skype or Xbox Live can visit the Rewards hub and register, which only takes a few minutes. After registration, Bing searches and purchases automatically earn points.

Using Bing, Level 1 members will earn points for up to 10 searches a day and Level 2 members will earn points for up to 50 searches a day, 30 of those from a PC and 20 from a mobile. Every day the search limit resets and you can begin earning again the next day.

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Many readers will now be wondering what they can do with these points. Well, they can be exchanged for lots of things including movie downloads, PC accessories and money off promotions. Items range from music, films, games, apps or a new gadget and accruing these points can be put towards the cost of the item in the Microsoft Store. Points can also be exchanged for a charitable donation and Microsoft are promising to add exclusive offers and experiences regularly. One of the first offers they are promoting is the chance to be in Charli XCX’s new music video, which is exciting for her fans at least, although unlikely to appeal to anyone else.

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With Bing still having much fewer users than competitor Google, this looks like Microsoft are trying everything they can to lure people away from other search engines and over to Bing. So, do people use Google through habit, ease or just because it’s better and would the promise of rewards from Microsoft be enough to entice people to switch to Bing for good? It’s unclear right now if the rewards are exciting enough to pose a threat to Google’s crown but time will tell.

Would a reward scheme be enough to tempt you away from your search engine of choice?

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