The Best Items You Can Personalise For The Home

Looking to add a few special touches to your home but not sure where to start? Not a problem. In this article we will be taking a look at some of the best decorative items out there that you can personalise for truly individual interior style. Should you have a loved one’s birthday or a special event coming up, they can also make amazing gifts – marking special occasions in a timeless and original way.

Give added meaning to everyday items

Anyone trying to make a house a home knows that personalisation is key. We want spaces to reflect our personalities and the things we have done, speaking volumes about our taste and how we live. Displaying trinkets bought on holiday and items gifted to us are great ways of adding these fine notes of character, but increasingly we can personalise all kinds of everyday items to decorate every part of the house. From dramatic wall coverings to tongue-in-cheek party details, we look at some of the best ways you can add some individuality to your home.


It’s the first thing a visitor sees when arriving at your house, so why not make it special? With the option to put your family name, address a warm greeting or even an image on the mat, you have total freedom to be as a serious or comedic as you feel. CoirMats is a company specialising in traditional doormats with a wide variety of options for personalisation. Whether you need a mat for the inside or out, for a double patio door or for a pet, they can customise mats to meet your precise specifications.

Table Settings

Are you hosting a special dinner event and want to give the table setting an extra-personalised touch? Use a local and affordable printing provider, such as Saxoprint, to provide place settings tailored to your guests. From tablemats to tent cards, you can give your event wow factor by having not only individuals’ names printed but the location, date and occasion featured too. These not only add to the experience of your event, but guests can also take their personalised item home with them as a memento.

Fabrics and Wallpaper

Give your house a truly individual streak by designing one-of-a-kind textiles for your interior decorating. Companies like Spoonflower enable you to create your own designs that are then printed onto various materials, such as wallpapers or fabrics. These can then be used to create feature walls in your home or turned into quilts, cushions and even curtains.


We often consider our kitchens the heart of our home, being where people will naturally gather to chat, cook and eat. Designing your kitchen consequently needs to balance the practicality of having storage space with creating a warm and welcoming environment. Using personalised kitchen equipment can help to bring these two concerns together: engraved chopping boards, glasses, and oven gloves all give the kitchen a more homely feel, while still fulfilling their practical purpose.

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