Review: Acer Aspire Switch 11 V – Your portable work mate

The Acer Aspire Switch series has been providing people with a nice and easy portable way to carry a computer slash tablet with them, and the detachable keyboard means that you only switch to PC mode when you need to. Latest additions in Windows 10 have made this an even more powerful concept, helping the … Read more

Review: Acer Aspire V15 (V3-574G) – Giving you gaming on a budget

When it comes to gaming laptops, you can pretty much spend as much as you like, and still not be satisfied. Then there are the extra tricks to play, the cooling, the lights, the overclocking. However, if you want a machine that gives you a decent gaming performance within budget, Acer have the answer. The … Read more

Review: Mio MiVue 658 Wifi DashCam

Recently DashCams have become quite a common place accessory for many drivers. In fact, you will struggle to find many fleets or commuting services that do not have some sort of a DashCam installed on their machines. They give you the advantage of not only capturing video as you drive, but also your speed, your … Read more

Review: Cambridge Audio Air 200 – Feel the bass!

Cambridge Audio is one of the better known players in the audio industry, offering people high quality and connectivity options, at very decent prices. The Air 200 is the next in their range of speakers, which offers great power and oomph with extra features such as AirPlay, Spotify Connect and Internet Radio. Let’s take a … Read more

Review: Dell Venue 8 Pro – Portable, small, powerful – but missing a keyboard!

The 8 inch Windows tablet has struggled since its inception. There are many reasons for it, mainly the fact that the tile design of Windows 8.1 didn’t really work very well as opposed to traditional Windows, and that pretty much got in the way. However, the lower sales do not take away the fact that … Read more