How to: Change, enable or disable the App Drawer in the LG G5


LG G5 actually gives you the option to have an app drawer (as in, like almost all Android options), or not have an app drawer, like the iPhone or the Huawei/Honor phones. To make the change is rather simple, and we go through it in this post.

First of all, start by heading to your Settings.

LG G5 desktop or home

This can be done by going selecting SETTINGS from your Home Page.

LG G5 notfications

Or hitting the GEAR Icon in the top right corner of your Notifications Menu.

LG G5 Settings

Hit the DISPLAY Tab in your Settings Menu.

LG G5 Settings Display

In the Display tab, go to HOME SCREEN.

Home Screen Settings LG G5


In the HOME Screen, click on SELECT HOME.


LG G5 Home

And here you can choose whatever option you want.

Interestingly, the option to have the App Drawer is not there by default, and the first time you use it, you have to download it.

Obviously, just use the same steps if you want to change things, or choose something totally different.

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