Review: Skulpt Chisel – Take your fitness stats to a whole new level!

The last few years has seen a huge rise in fitness wearables. You have your step trackers, your heart rate sensors and even your blood oxygen level and blood pressure monitors.  Skulpt Chisel takes things to a whole new level. By using Electrical Impedence Myography (or EIM as they call it), it measures your fat … Read more

B&O PLAY announce the H5 – Bringing Great Wireless Sound to your Ears

B&O Play have just announced the H5, which promises the power to transform the listening experience for its users. Together with the Beoplay App, that changes the tonality of the sound the match the activity, the Beoplay H5 brings sleek aesthetics and the beauty of music into an active everyday life.  B&O Play announced their company’s … Read more

Samsung and Huawei Develop their own OS Phone Versions; and The Indian Market

Smartphone companies are really becoming innovative by the day in order to sustain the interest of their customers after winning them over. It is obvious that as human beings grow and desire new things, these companies are smart enough to grow with them otherwise, they will be left behind. One of the reasons companies take … Read more

Review: Adonit Pixel – Pressure Sensitive Stylus for all your sketching needs

Tablet styli come in all kinds of shapes and forms. Some big, some small, some even fit into your headphone jack. Some of them take it a bit further, giving you motion sensitivity, and some like the Apple Pen, even give you pressure sensitivity. The Adonit Pixel is one such offering, giving you not only … Read more

Virtual Reality Therapy – a new way to deal with stress and phobias!

For a hefty portion of us, something on the planet can trigger a lopsided or even unreasonable fearful reaction. Peering off the edge of a building might make someone feel dizzy and shaky,remaining before a room filled up with individuals may bring about a speaker’s throat to quit for the day ,most of these are … Read more

Lebanese Tech Showcase at London Technology Week 2016

Last week saw hundreds of events taking place across the UK capital exploring the hottest trends in tech. Among these were companies from the UK Lebanon Tech Hub, a partnership between Lebanon’s Central Bank and the UK government to bring some of the most promising start-ups from the region to develop and scale their businesses … Read more