Review: Skulpt Chisel – Take your fitness stats to a whole new level!


The last few years has seen a huge rise in fitness wearables. You have your step trackers, your heart rate sensors and even your blood oxygen level and blood pressure monitors. 

Skulpt Chisel takes things to a whole new level. By using Electrical Impedence Myography (or EIM as they call it), it measures your fat as well as muscle quality. While the science is explained on their website, the basic concept is that you have 12 metallic pad or sensors on the back of this device, which send various pulses through your muscles and skins. As it measures the way the pulses travel through your body, it is able to measure the amount of fat you have as well as how good your muscles are. Based on that, not only does it give you your starts, and helps you track any improvements or changes, it also gives you personalized advice such as nutrition as well as exercises to do to build muscle as well as reduce fat. As you use this over the days and weeks, you can see improvements in terms of numbers, and the advice it gives you adjusts accordingly.

In the box

  • Skulpt Chisel
  • Charging Base
  • Mini USB Cable
  • Water Spray
  • Documentation

Look and feel

The device itself is almost the same as the slightly older and more expensive product from Skulpt, the Aim, which features a screen as well. This one is exactly like that, but without the screen. The Skulpt Chisel takes the same design, but you don’t get a screen, and instead rely on your smartphone to give you data as well as instructions.

The back features 12 sensors or metallic pads that make the measurements, while the bottom has charging pads. The front is plane, and around the device is an LED strip that lets you know when the device is charging or has charged, as well as connectivity status.

The device charges on top of a base, which is not that different in some ways to many charging bases. However, it uses a mini USB cable rather than a micro USB cable to charge, which in my humble opinion is a bit dated. Nothing wrong with it technically, but I’d rather be able to use all those micro USB cables and chargers I own.

You also get a small spray which you can fill in with water.


It all starts with you plugging this into the base to charge while you download the app and set things up. Once the app is installed, you’re pretty much good to go straight away. It finds and connects seamlessly, and you follow instructions on the app to take measurements.

Taking measurements


This is where the water spray comes into play. You tell the app that you want to measure a certain part of your body, and then spray loads of water on it, and just hold the Skulpt Chisel against it, with the metal pads facing you. Give it about half a minute, and it should take measurements. The phone screen will then show you your muscle quality and fat content.


By clicking on various parts of your body, you can check various muscles, or go for a quick scan that does a quick round up of your body. The numbers are stored and displayed in useful graphs.

You also get health advice which tells you both about nutrition as well as the kind of exercises you should be doing.

And so, how did it go for me?

Honestly, I was highly rubbish at using this properly. I did give it a good go, but time, work, holidays, time, and lack of time yet again meant that while I was able to take measurements with this, I wasn’t able to follow its advice and do the proper exercises or take proper nutrition over the couple of weeks I tried this. So for me, this was bit of a failure, but more on a personal level rather than as a device to try. I probably need to join a gym, take a bit more responsibility over my food and have another go at it for a few months.

Having said that, there was no doubt about how well it worked and I had little reason to doubt the accuracy of the data it gave.

Also, note that the person in that picture isn’t me.

Fun Fact

It doesn’t work on babies. Or babies don’t have abs. Or something like that.

Don’t ask.

True though!

More information

More information on this can be found via the Skulpt website. It retails for £100, and can be bought via various online retailers.

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