Samsung and Huawei Develop their own OS Phone Versions; and The Indian Market

Smartphone companies are really becoming innovative by the day in order to sustain the interest of their customers after winning them over. It is obvious that as human beings grow and desire new things, these companies are smart enough to grow with them otherwise, they will be left behind. One of the reasons companies take a step further in innovative technological development is the fear of being dominated by their competitors. This is why companies like Samsung and Huawei are struggling to come up with the OS versions for their phones.

While Google has emerged as the winner over Apple in the OS battle among smartphone companies, Huawei has taken everyone by surprise as rumors have it that it is planning to create its own mobile OS (Operating System). Being the 3rd largest smartphone (OEM) globally after Apple and Samsung, and considering the failure a lot of companies have faced in the past when staking their necks into producing phone OS, the fear in people’s mind is whether Huawei is ready to go their way. Long historical companies like Blackberry and Nokia have been driven to the background. What confidence does Huawei have to embark on such a huge venture?

A lot of factors are responsible for the ever ambitious Huawei in pursuing its dream of developing its own OS known as Kirin OS. Firstly, it has just successfully launched its Nexus 6P. The success of one venture can make anyone dream of another. Secondly, the recent change in the structure of the company has made it set its goal of becoming the leading smartphone company in five years’ time. One of the ways this goal can be achieved is by exploring new grounds like that of OS. Though regarded as the number 3 among other smartphone companies globally, it is the leading company in its China home market. This can gear it up to assuming it can realize its goal of leading in the world of smartphone manufacturers. There is also the fear that Google may revolt one day. So, in its bid to be proactive, there is the need for developing its own OS.

One of its major market targets is India, where it plans to begin the production of smartphones; thus stamping its footprint heavily. The question is why is Huawei focusing on India? Studies have shown that on yearly basis, the growth of Indian market is 12 percent; with almost 25 million units being shipped this year (Q1 2016) alone. Out of 5 vendors, Samsung seems to be ahead followed by the other four (Micromax, Intex, Lenovo, Lava) respectively. The reason for choosing India is not far-fetched. It is one of the fastest/largest growing markets for smartphones globally with its report of having double digit figure growth in the previous year. It is this market that can help the company to achieve its goal of becoming the leading smartphone company in the world.

With offline retail sales being the dominating form of purchase and mostly preferred by Indian customers, the company is working towards its own branded stores while it will hire workforce- sales, services, delivery and marketing team to further help in realizing its goal.

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