How to roll your own local app store with F-Droid

There’s a tendency for people who release Android apps to treat the Google Play store as the single monopoly app repository. If a company’s got an app ‘on Android’ that’s usually short for ‘on Google Play’, assuming that every device running Android has got access to Google Play. That’s probably true for most users, but … Read more

The Green Garment Movement

It is all about being green these days, and the team at Ghergich & Co. to produce this interesting infographic. Some interesting facts are shown here, and it is good to see that a lot of major players are fighting this fight with the likes of you and me. Courtesy of: Bluegala

[CLOSED] Giveaway: Inateck 15.4 Inch Macbook Sleeve

  Inateck recently wrote to us about their Macbook Sleeve. It offers the following: Synthetic leather Velcro closure for best security; High-quality felt outside and soft flannel inside Practical design and exquisite workmanship; Environmentally friendly material.Sustainable, renewable and biodegradable Improved impact resistance, reduction of scratches, fireproof, water resistant: More effective protection of your mobile devices … Read more

Strava brings its fitness app to Apple Watch

Apple Watch is theoretically a few hours old now, and the stream of apps for it is being announced already. We have just heard from Strava that their sport-specific platform will be available for athletes via the Apple Watch. This will provide an active display on the wrist, giving real time user feedback, weekly preview, … Read more

Vodafone UK bringing Blackberry Leap to their business customers

  We’ve just had confirmation from Vodafone UK that the Blackberry Leap will be available from them, for their business customers. We will bring you more news as and when we get it, including pricing and availability. What’s the Blackberry Leap you ask? This was the surprise announcement that, to be fair, did shock a … Read more

myCycle bike lights

Over the winter period I’ve been using bike lights from Poundland. They sell front and back lights at £1 each, along with big packs of batteries. That means you can easily kit out a bike for £3 and have several batteries left over for other devices. It’s been a constant puzzle for me why bike … Read more