Case of the overheating i7 processor

  I was young and foolish. I happened upon a good deal on an i7 laptop, and I went straight for it. Don’t believe me? Witness that slightly wonky (really, Dell?) sticker on my laptop. At the time of buying, i7 was pretty much the best processor you could buy. A good system was had, … Read more

The Chinese ‘Internet Keyword Scam’

There is spam and then there are scams. It is often interesting when you get such an email pass through your junk email filters, and appear in your inbox. Not that it matters as much, but we oalways find it amusing when we spot a new scam or spam. Recently we were contacted by a … Read more

Mums Just Wanna Go High Tech

High-tech gadgets are not just for the lads. If you’re stuck on what to get your girlfriend, wife, partner, daughter or mum for her special day, take a dive into what really catches her interest. Chances are, there’s a techie gadget she’ll fancy that meshes perfectly with her lifestyle. Women Want High Tech More Than … Read more