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WordPress 3.9 makes Blogging from iPad Browser possible



While there are many apps out there that can be used to Blog using the iPad, the best and easiest way I find to blog is using the Chrome browser. It lets me use the editor to its maximum potential.

Now while I haven’t tried to do this in the last few versions, I have found it to be quite difficult to blog in the past using the browser on the iPad. I have tried using both Safari and Chrome. Mostly I used to struggle just getting the cursor to even appear in the main text area.

So, this post has now been written on the iPad browser, and apart from a few niggles, it seems to work okay.

What are the niggles though?

First of all, once I added an image, the text area expanded to the size of the image. This meant that the text area expanded beyond the side bar, and the text started to appear behind the side bars, which allow you to adjust items such as tags, categories, etc. However, you can minimise those menus and get going. The top bar also seems to move about a bit without it needing to.

So, the verdict? Not perfect, but doable!

Now lets hit ‘Publish’ and see if it works.

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