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Review: Thumbs Up Bluetooth Splash Speaker



What is it?

This small little speaker packs in a lot of power paired with Bluetooth connectivity, and the added advantage of being splash proof, making it ideal for outdoor use, as well as use around the kitchen and shower/bath.

Look and feel

Shaped like a ruggerdized block, this tiny little speaker features a rubber lanyard in one corner for ease of carrying, and a speaker right in front. The border has a ruggerdized feel to it, meaning you won’t be worried spoiling it or scratching it as you place it on any rough surface such as outdoors or on a wet surface.

Also featured on the speaker are ports to charge, which is a micro-USB, and an AUX in for use with an auxiliary input.

Of course, there are buttons on top to allow you to play your music, and control it.

Weighing just under quarter of a kilo means that it is fairly portable, but being a bit boxy in appearance means that you won’t be able to fit it in your pocket, but it is well designed to be thrown into any bag or backpack.

Ease of use and setup

Like most Bluetooth speakers, this is extremely easy to set up. Turn it on, look for it under your Bluetooth devices, and you shall find this there. Pair and off you go.

Once connected, you can play and control your music through the device. You can also answer phone calls with a single button.

To unpair, you just turn it off.

Call Quality

Speaker phones are a bit hit and miss with Bluetooth speakers. The problem often comes from the fact that a loud speaker gives you the feeling that the microphone will be able to listen to use while you are far away from it as well. Obviously this isn’t the case, and you do need to be near the speaker in case you want to use it as a speaker phone.

Keeping this in mind, we tried the phone call quality. The sound was fairly good, and the performance pretty standard and expected. Out in the open the sound seems less loud, but that is mostly down to the environment.

Voices have clarity, and microphone works well.

Sound Quality

So, at the end of the day, a speaker is only known by the quality of sound it produces. The Splash will not blow you away, but at the size (and price, later mentioned) you would not be expecting any miracles either. It packs in a powerful 3W speaker, and it delivers well. The sound is clear, trebles work well and the base is deep.

Like the voice calls, this isn’t too loud when it comes to outdoor use, but extremely good for shower or bath use. Of course, it works well in any indoor use.

More information

More information on the Splash speaker can be found at the following link:


It can be bought from www.gizoo.co.uk from £34.95.


A great speaker at a very good price.

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