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Review: Kensington KeyFolio™ Pro for Samsung® Galaxy Tab™

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What is it?

While most manufacturers focus on the iPad when it comes to fancy accessories for tablets, Kensington do not stop there. Much like the KeyFolio for the iPad Air, there is a KeyFolio Pro for Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1. Featuring a leather case with a magnetic clip, an array of viewing angles, and most importantly a magnetically attached (and hence removable) Bluetooth keyboard, this is the case to have for the businessman on the go. Our trial version boasted the UK keyboard, which means that you don’t have to worry about placing your £ and € symbols while working.

Look and feel

From the outside, it looks like a standard leather bound folio.

First thing you will notice though, is a small square hole for the camera on the tablet. Look inside and you find a slot to slide the tablet in, a handy little loop for a stylus (not included) and your keyboard.



The Keyboard itself is removable, and extremely light, and you can always carry it with you on its own if you want to have a keyboard handy. You will also notice that the keyboard features various Android keys, such as Home, Back, etc. as well as Media keys, giving you full control over your input.

Once the tablet is in, it can be adjust for various viewing angles thanks to the grooves by the keyboard.

Being leather bound and with an extra keyboard does mean this is slightly heavier than other cases, but it is all relative!


The tablet can slide into a little and is then held in by a soft frame thanks to the power of Velcro. Once in, it stays put. Taking it out is fairly similar too, remove the holding tab and out it comes.

Buttons and ports are exposed, so you don’t have to remove it unless needed.


As mentioned already, once the tablet is in, it is fairly well protected. The lining around the tablet is thick and bulky, and while this may be a problem for portability, the magnetic clasp and the thick cushioning it gives is definitely useful for protection.


In normal mode, the tablet can be perched at an angle close to 90 degrees. However, the idea is that you can remove the keyboard and use that space for letting it stand at almost any angle.


My favourite part about this case is actually the removable keyboard. Writing for OxGadgets means that I come across a lot of cases, and keyboards are always what make them a bit more special for me.

The keyboard pairing process is fairly simple, as is quite normal these days, and once paired, you are good to go. The keyboard is a great size, and while it isn’t as big as a regular keyboard, it is not too far from a compact laptop keyboard, which means you get used to it fairly quickly.

The keys provide good haptic feedback, and you can type quite fast on them once you get used to them. Also included is a Caps Lock key, which tends to be a bit rare on most Bluetooth keyboards.

The keyboard is also UK layout, which is another thing which I find rare in most Bluetooth keyboards.

Since this keyboard is designed for Android, it also includes Android keys such as Home, Menu and Back. Other media keys are also included. This also means that it will pair with and work any Android device. In fact, thanks to the universal nature of Bluetooth keyboards, it will work with any device that will accept a Bluetooth keyboard, including Windows tablets and iPads.

The keyboard itself is attached to the folio by magnets, which means it is easily removable. This means that you can always put this near you as you type, or even carry it with you without the case.

More information

More information on this can be found at the following link:


It retails for £99, and can be bought from Amazon or direct from their website.


Yes, because we love you all, we are organizing a giveaway for this and a couple of Comercios for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3. Visit the following link to find out more:



In a world where not many great accessories exist for non-Apple tablets, this is a godsend. Good protection, good finish, and best of all, a fully functional removable keyboard makes this a great overall product. A must have for anybody who travels a lot with their Galaxy Tab 3.

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