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Problems with HTC’s new mobile phone, One M8?

I got my new HTC One M8 on Wednesday and was seriously impressed with it to start. Until this afternoon, four days later when it suddenly decided to give up on me.

It was running at about 68% battery, had dropped a few calls but I’d put that down to bad reception but then I took it out to make a call where the reception is better and the screen was completely black. No response when I used the motion gesture to wake it up. No response on pressing the on/off button. No response when I tried a forced restart. No response when I plugged it in to my HTC car charger – not even a charging light.

Left it for an hour in my bag on the way home and when I got home, I was surprised to discover that despite it appearing to be off, it was generating a lot of heat and was seriously warm. I plugged it in to another HTC charger and still nothing. It won’t turn on, is still generating heat despite removing the bumper case it was sent with. I’ve disconnected it from the charger and an hour later it’s still warm despite having been in a cool, shady room. No idea if an app is causing it to overheat, which is a common problem, as I can’t get into the task manager to see what is running.

I called the Technical Support team of the retailer I bought it from, did all their tests and have arranged to send it back, then wait for a replacement – which means reinstalling all my apps and data yet again.

Nothing online about anyone else having issues, so have I just been the unlucky one or are more issues going to emerge?

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