Review: IRIS – Android’s Siri

By Sami Mughal Within 8 hours of Apple announcing the latest feature on their new iPhone 4S, Siri, Dexetra came out with their own version. Ironically it is called Iris, which is Siri spelt backwards. Being more of an android person myself, I had to give it a go, so I downloaded it. before … Read more

Kies Air does Urdu!

  So Samsung phones come with a pretty useful software called Kies Air where you can remotely control your phone like send messages, download photos, play music, manage bookmarks etc. Well I was just doing some usual downloading stuff when I noticed the language options, and there it was, among many others, Urdu!  Obviously I … Read more

Non-Dynamic Views

I love(d) Blogger’s Dynamic Views. However, there is still some way for it to go. I have found it to give me the following bugs: Mobile Devices were unable to work with it. It could not handle a different version for mobile devices for some weird reason. Search ability was restricted to the number of … Read more

Review: Desk Genie

The very name ‘Desk Genie’ ( inspires a lot of wonder as well as scepticism. However, to say that I am impressed would be an understatement. I ordered this contraption that comes with many promises mostly out of curiosity, but the fact that it has delivered everything on the list definitely gives it a good … Read more

Adjusting TLC5940 libraries to run different frequencies/values

To run the TLC5940 with any other values apart from the DEFAULT values, the tlc_config.h file requires to be changed. While it is easy to do so, it may cause issues if more than one configurations are often required. The solution around this is to create more than one libraries. Main advantage of doing this … Read more

USING TLC5940 TO GENERATE VARIABLE FREQUENCY PWM SIGNALS USING ARDUINO Widgets TLC5940 · The Texas Instruments TLC5940,, is a 16 Channel LED Driver which can be used to run up to 16 LEDs, at set PWM values. · The chips can be cascaded together, normally up to 16, which give up to 196 channels. There is an option to cascade more than that … Read more

Dynamic Views on Blogger

I have been Blogging before it was called blogging. I had a website on Geocities, and I used to use Frontpage with little snippets of Java and HTML. Suddenly the world was introduced to blogging, and two main players took over: Blogger (or and WordPress. Both have their advantages. Somehow I have always stuck with Blogger, even … Read more

Die Buchstaben ‘S’!

Just because I like to see the stats and usage of the blog, I have come across an interesting request that keeps repeating. People have been trying to translate the website into German. Yes, the title of the blog is what it would translate to in German. And no, I just copy pasted it from … Read more