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I have been Blogging before it was called blogging. I had a website on Geocities, and I used to use Frontpage with little snippets of Java and HTML. Suddenly the world was introduced to blogging, and two main players took over: Blogger (or blogspot.com) and WordPress.

Both have their advantages. Somehow I have always stuck with Blogger, even though I have always believed that WordPress blogs somehow always look better.
Well not any more. A couple of weeks ago I had changed my blog layout to make it look simple, almost an ‘Apple-istic’ feel.
And then I discovered the dynamic views, which Google (or Blogger) have only introduced since last week.
And it changes everything. It gives you an option to choose which view you want (even if you are a visitor to the blog, and not the owner), and allows you to toggle between any of the following (descriptions provided by them, not me!):
* Classic (Gmail)
* Flipcard (M loves M)ost title
* Magazine (Advanced Style)
* Mosaic (Crosby’s Kitchen)
* Sidebar (Blogger Buzz Blog)
* Snapshot (Canelle et Vanille)
* Timeslide (The Bleary-Eyed Father)
If you visit the blog, you can even enter your own (or favourite) websites into a form and see how they will look.
With my blog, it looks clean, it works cleanly, it has a very nice smooth feel to it, and it works on flash. Not sure how it would operate on any non-flash equipment.
Anybody with an iPhone or iPad want to check my website and see if it works?
Edit: A friend has checked and they seem to work fine!
Well, yes there are downsides. Though I can happily live with them.
It takes away any added widgets you added to your blog. Like your horoscope. Your quote of the day. Your visitor stats. Also, all of a sudden a lot of people are trying (without success) to translate my blog into German. Not allowed any more. Copy paste will always work I suppose.
I am hoping it is early days for Dynamic Views, and it most probably going to improve a lot. They are promising (check earlier link) to add support for different widgets, so who knows the downsides will be taken care of even before you read this. However, being a programmer myself, and knowing the amount of work (and pressure) that is involved in this, it may not happen that soon.
Overall, I will give Dynamic Views an 8 or even 9 out of 10, for making my blog look nice, clean, and high-tech with minimal effort (about 3 clicks!) from me.

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11 thoughts on “Dynamic Views on Blogger

  1. Haha… I don’t know. I have a few technical articles on my blog, and they might be why people like to translate my blog into other languages. Do you have any such material ?

  2. But you wrote that in english. That bechara German, he can no longer translate your blog, hence doesn’t know what you wrote. That’s why i said you should write that in German =p

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