Die Buchstaben ‘S’!

Just because I like to see the stats and usage of the blog, I have come across an interesting request that keeps repeating.

People have been trying to translate the website into German. Yes, the title of the blog is what it would translate to in German. And no, I just copy pasted it from that link.

However, I think, because of the new format of the website, it does not let you do the translation.

Which is funny because Blogger is a Google service, the new layout is a Google service, and translation is also a Google service.

Anyway, is there a particular article that one needs in German? Or do I have a German reader who likes to read the blog? Say Ola, and I may help you somehow (don’t quite know how yet!).

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3 thoughts on “Die Buchstaben ‘S’!

  1. Interesting approach… but because lately I have gone to a no-frills simplistic design, I have given up on all widgets apart from the Blogger Dynamic layout one that covers the website… I may look further into it though!

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