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I love(d) Blogger’s Dynamic Views. However, there is still some way for it to go. I have found it to give me the following bugs:

Mobile Devices were unable to work with it. It could not handle a different version for mobile devices for some weird reason.

Search ability was restricted to the number of posts being shown on the main page. Meant it could not go through the archives.

Lack of ability to adjust different things like one does in the templates.

No ability for widgets to be shown.

The above meant lack of ability to embed different HTML codes in to the template, such as to analyse your visitors, etc.

Posting of ads, somehow worked and did not work at the same time.

Light box does not work

Does not allow translation


For these reasons, I have shifted back to the ‘static?’ view of my blog. Hopefully this works bug free and lets everyone enjoy the experience same as before, if not better.

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