Duckworth/Lewis simplified

I say simplified. It may not be the case for every one. But I have just attended a lecture by  Dr Tony Lewis or the Duckworth/Lewis Method, and through his graphs and curves, he has attempted to explain why, what, and how of the method seems to confuse players, commentators, and spectators alike. He begins … Read more

Pakistan Cricket – An addiction

An article I wrote for Can be found at Goose bumps. It gives goose bumps. Call me an idiot. A hopeless romantic! A fool! But it gives me goose bumps. Like many Pakistanis who were born in the 80s and grew up in the 90s, I grew up with cricket in my blood. … Read more

Jabba, you are a good human being!

For this very title, I might just get a lot of attention. On the other hand, I might get clobbered by loads of Star Wars fans, telling me that I am absolutely wrong. Or as usual, most people will just ignore what I have written. But yeah, a few weeks back, I was watching Episode … Read more

Mr Ashmole

Yesterday I went to the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford. It is an amazing museum. I spent about two and a half hours there and I have barely done the basement and half of ground floor. There are two more floors to be done! But here is Mr Ashmole. I think he is a big fan … Read more

The ultimate geek chart

  I came across this on recently. I think this is the ultimate geek chart. I already have printed this out on A3 !!! Click the picture for the link to the comic, where you can get a full sized version if you click on the image!  

Bletchley Park!

Wow… the fact that I have lived next to this place for almost 4 years now and not visited seems really odd to me now! So Bletchley Park, Britain’s best guarded secret as it was called back in the 1940s, was where the German Intelligence was deciphered during the second world war. The place exhibits … Read more

The curious case of Apple and Microsoft

Apple loves having a go at Microsoft. Microsoft however doesn’t do it as much, which honestly speaking is jolly nice of them. Then again marketting and PR has never really been one of Microsoft’s strong points. So who knows whether they try or not, and still fail. Which might just be jolly nice of them … Read more

The shuffle on Iphone/Ipod Touch OS 3.0

So among the various features the new OS3.0 had offered, one was that of Shake to shuffle, or basically give your thingamabob a bit of a shake to shift to the next track whenever you are listening to music. I installed the OS3.0 and gave it a go the very next day! I normally listen … Read more

The new iPod Shuffle…

Anybody remember this???   Isn’t this exactly what the new iPod Shuffle is doing now? More or less??? See the ‘How To’ guide for the new iPod:   

Google Urdu

Have you ever checked this out? I think it is a good effort, but one or two things are just plain funny… Directory remains so… and that is not too bad, so does web. Advertising program, and obviously Google remain the same too. What I found funny was how advanced search became AALA TALASH… lol … Read more