The curious case of Apple and Microsoft

Apple loves having a go at Microsoft.

Microsoft however doesn’t do it as much, which honestly speaking is jolly nice of them. Then again marketting and PR has never really been one of Microsoft’s strong points. So who knows whether they try or not, and still fail. Which might just be jolly nice of them in a secretive way, lol.

But I always find it a bit wrong.

Microsoft Windows, with all the bugs that it may have, is an OS which can pretty much run on any computer in the world. Even Apple computer owners have installed Windows on it for various reasons.

Apple, however, are more famous for the hardware they produce. If one talks about Apple products, one always thinks of the iPhone, the iPod and the Macs. Not many people say OS X when you ask them to name Apple products.

So why does Apple have a go at MS at every opportunity they get? Because they can? Or are they just insecure?

Lately MS started an ad campaign which compared how PC of the same spec costs so much less than an equivalent Apple product! Apparently the ads had to be pulled off at the request of Apple.

They can or insecure? You decide! I know for sure its the latter!

– an Apple and MS products user!

4 thoughts on “The curious case of Apple and Microsoft”

  1. if you are on the top everyone wants a go on you but if you do anything like that they will say oh he is such this and that even when he is on top that is reality 🙂 specially when you are not good at marketting

  2. very well picked up…

    apple and MS have this difference as the biggest difference.. .their marketing abilities!

    tho i have heard that windows 7 is ready to give massive competition to macs (os x and leopard!)

  3. yeah i am actually thinkin of upgrading my laptop when it comes out… but yea like you said.. ayay gi.. phir ek maheena laug use kerain gay.. gaalian nikalain gay.. to phir pata challay ga!!!


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