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Have you ever checked this out? I think it is a good effort, but one or two things are just plain funny…
Directory remains so… and that is not too bad, so does web. Advertising program, and obviously Google remain the same too.
What I found funny was how advanced search became AALA TALASH… lol
Tarjuhaat… now thats one word we do not even use that often man!!!
However, I must say, it is not a bad effort. At least they did a proper translation rather than a literal one!
PS… click on image to make it look larger, in case the above link does not give you much joy!

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8 thoughts on “Google Urdu

  1. Lol… well if you haven’t noticed, I am already logged in. Maybe if you log in as yourself it would say mai apnay aap ko khush kismat mehsoos ker REHI hoon !!! why don’t you try that 😀 !!!

  2. when you clicked the link or when you saw my blog…

    well if that was indeed the case… just write to them… they know your gender (if you provided the info) so they should be able to customize your page!

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