The shuffle on Iphone/Ipod Touch OS 3.0

So among the various features the new OS3.0 had offered, one was that of Shake to shuffle, or basically give your thingamabob a bit of a shake to shift to the next track whenever you are listening to music.

I installed the OS3.0 and gave it a go the very next day! I normally listen to music in my car and while I tried it, it worked only about 20% of the time. I had a similar experience when the car was not moving (assuming the car’s movement could have been inhibiting the accelerometer’s performance!).

However, the other day, I was walking about a street when I was suddenly reminded of the shake to shuffle feature. I had forgotten about it, and only when I heard snippets from about 20 songs while I went through about a 100 yards was I reminded of it.

It was raining and I did not want to bring it out to stop it from happening!

So I tried walking slower. Would not stop!

Walking on smoother land helped, but just about.

It was not till I had actually set foot in the train and sat myself down that the thing stopped bothering me.

And by then, it was too late!

The fact that the feature was designed/advertised keeping work out sessions and jogs/walks in mind, I think this classifies it as a big fail.

What have your experiences been?

4 thoughts on “The shuffle on Iphone/Ipod Touch OS 3.0”

  1. This happens to my ipod nano, it’s infuriating when I’m doing housework and it just shuffles randomly.
    I just lock it and so it’s okies, maybe you should try that? Lock the ipod after selecting that playlist?


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