Lotushirt: The STAINLESS wrinkle free shirt

Shirts are an important part of formalwear. Washing and caring for shirts can be a big hassle. However, some of us just don’t have a choice. We need to wash our shirts, iron them, and make sure they remain stain free as we go through the day. Lotushirt have a different idea. Their shirt is made with nanotechnology that offers you a complete stainless experience.

Lotushirt – features

Lotushirt comes with the following features:

  • Stain resistant
  • Wrinkle free, ie you don’t need to iron this
  • 4 way stretch
  • Quick drying
  • Breathable

You can find more about this by watching the video and clicking on it below:


Luckily we were sent a Lotushirt to try and we took it for a spin. First impressions were amazing. The fabric is as soft as a t-shirt. Being stretchable also means that you can stretch and move without feeling restricted by the shirt. This also means that you can keep the shirt on all day without feeling any excessive tiredness.

The looks

Despite the comfort, the shirt looks and feels like any other expensive shirt. You can definitely wear this to your next boardroom meeting and feel as formal as you want to be. It only comes in white at the moment, but that is pretty much the best colour to go for in terms of shirts.


Ah yeah – think of this as a water repellent device. Much like the fancy paint you get on cars or on your waterproof clothing. Put this under a running tap of water and you will see the water simply bounce off. The shirt will not get wet! This means that any kind of staining item will simply ‘slip’ off the fabric, instead of sticking to it. We tried with water and a few drinks, and the results were remarkably good!


Being waterproof also means you can wear this in the rain! We tried. We were impressed 🙂

(We did get cold!)

Care instructions

Does this fancy shirt come at a price?

Well, yes. If that means much to you.

You can only wash this up to 30 degrees, and a hand wash is preferred. You cannot iron this either, but since it is wrinkle free and stretchable, this shouldn’t be a problem.

How much?

While the Kickstarter campaign is still ongoing, you can get one of these for $59 USD (£42 at the time of writing). The early bird reward price was $49, but they are all gone. Compared to buying a decent shirt for the same price, I would definitely recommend the readers to get this instead.


Totally my new favourite shirt!

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