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British sportswear company Python Performance is set to shake up the sportswear industry and change the landscape for workout apparel. The Kickstarter campaign launched earlier this month has come about to provide athletes with the most innovative and performance enhancing fitness clothing to date.

The unique and innovative technology is based on the prospective principles of Kinsiology tape and is cleverly designed to take sportswear to the next step and is already creating a buzz amongst sports athletes and scientists on an international scale.


Python Performance’s Contour Compression leggings and tops outperform top brand competitors by delivering multiple functionality in a single garment. Each garment includes the innovative new ReForm fabric technology – an unique method of weaving material to deliver pinpoint heat and cooling, pinpoint compression and supportive joint stabilisation in one garment so the wearer feels supported where they need it most.

Python Performance’s Kickstarter campaign goes live today with super-early birds securing a free limited edition item with each pair of Contour Compression leggings or top, plus a 15% lifetime discount.Early backers will be able to purchase the clothing for 50% of what it will cost when it comes to market, at just £44.99 for the top and £49.99 for the leggings and a 10% lifetime discount is also up for grabs.

The clothing athletes wear is a key part of how they perform and the benefits of technologies such as compression, joint support and kinesiology tape are enjoyed by sports professionals every day, around the globe. Until now, experiencing these technologies has been about picking the right garment each time to deal with a particular issue. Python Performance’s approach, working with top class sportswear designers – including former Speedo and compression wear designer, plus exercise physiologists at the University of Birmingham – is completely different and never been seen before. Designed from the outset to offer the best performance support, all in one product, it allows athletes to be ready to outperform themselves in a mere fraction of the usual time.



The ReForm fabric technology in each Python Performance garment provides:

         Proprioceptive support – the Lycra-backed strips are based on the principles of kinesiology tape to help people feel supported – without the need to apply tape each time – and providing postural support, pulling the wearer subtly into a better stance

         Stabilisation – targeting injury prone points to avoid pain and aid performance

         Optimised muscle activation – with pinpoint heat and cooling, plus pinpoint compression just where it is needed most. It allows for heat dissipation and retention in the right places, enhancing performance

         Joint support – the integrated ReForm technology and the way the garment is designed provides support and stabilisation to joints removing the need for additional support products

Python Performance has already trialled its range among sport scientists and athletes performing at the highest levels, with support across the board. In addition, the company’s innovations have sparked immediate interest with top sports institution University of Birmingham – its sport science department is testing the fabric technology as part of the degree, with dissertations on the innovation due later in the year.

World record holding track and field sprint Masters Athlete, Rick Beardsell commented: “I’m really excited, I haven’t seen anything like Python Performance before. As a world champion Masters Athlete I can be quite injury prone, so the ReForm fabric strips will offer support where I need it and is really beneficial.

“With kinesiology tape, you need a trained expert to put it on whereas with the Python Performance clothes you don’t, and you can feel the compression straight away. When I performed in them, I was able to warm up quicker than I normally would’ve done which helps with injury prevention. I’m definitely going to use it, and looking forward to doing different sorts of sessions and seeing how else it performs – it’s been great.” 

US fitness model Andrew Jones aka AJ Fitness (10 million YouTube views, 40k Instagram followers) – who rose to social stardom after suffering from a heart disease and posting about his fitness journey and competitions without a heart or pulse  – heard about the company through the grapevine and was so impressed with the technology and brand’s vision that he has put his support behind the brand a mere days after transplant surgery to receive a new heart. He will become the first person in the US to receive the clothing when it launches.

He said: “This is the next step in performance sportswear, I’ve never seen clothing like this that incorporates everything an athlete needs. The concept is a no brainer – I can’t believe it hasn’t been done before! It’s going to be huge, it’s the Netflix of sportswear and as soon as I heard about the brand’s ‘outperform’ message, I had to be a part of it.

“When I was diagnosed with a rare heart condition, I realised all my training had been leading up to the biggest battle of my life; my body needed outperform itself to a new level. Now that I’ve had my heart transplant, I’m ready for the next chapter and excited to spread the word about Python Performance in the US and beyond.” 

Oscar Ryndziewicz, CEO of Python Performance, commented: “We’ve had an amazing response to the fabric technology we’ve developed, so we’re extremely excited to launch our Kickstarter campaign which will allow us to take the innovations to the people who will benefit. Our ambition is to provide not only athletes but anyone who enjoys sport and fitness with the most innovative clothing, so they can outperform themselves every time. We have created the next step in performance sportswear and we honestly believe none of the big sportswear giants are making their active wear in this way. We want to change the status quo of the sportswear category and we’re working with some of the most exciting R&D talent to ensure innovation sits at the core of every garment we produce.”

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