Featured Kickstarter: Mirobot


Now here is a Kickstarter project close to home, and close to heart. A robotics project that is designed to inspire kids to learn both electronics and programming, and more importantly, to get the family together in building this. Hey, this is the next version of your kits for the family to work together on, and it is good!

Have a look at the video to find out more…


Now I have used Arduino a lot myself, and the open source abilities it provides are well documented. This then extends to the fact that you can adapt and change this as and how you’d like. Being an electronics engineer myself, it only adds to my excitement for the future!

What does this cost? Well, if you had been earlier, it would have cost you just £40. However, the early bird offer is now gone, and you will have to pay £50 for a starter kit. Don’t want to solder? Go with £60! You can even pay a bit more and be willing to donate one to a school, or buy a pack of 10 and get yourself half a day’s workshop too!

For more information you can head to the following link. Be quick, there are still 14 days left, and they are already 2 times over what they wanted.


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